[Darwin connection] Autograph Note Signed "W.S. Dallas" to the Rev. J.M. Mello, geologist, about a paper by Henry Clifton Sorby, geologist inter alia

W.S. Dallas [ William Sweetland Dallas ], zoologist.
Publication details: 
[Printed heading] Geological Society, Burlington House, W., 15 Sept. 1874

One page, 12mo, good condition, tipped on another peice of paper with unrelated notes on verso. Note (Wiki) "He curated collections at the British Museum and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, and was editor of the Popular Science Review.

[Printed pamphlet in support of Professor John Tyndall, attacking the Christian doctrine of the immortality of the soul.] "To the Rev. Belfast Pygmies".

'Epicurus' [John Tyndall, FRS (1820-1893), Professor of Physics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain]
Publication details: 
Place and printer not stated. [Belfast, Ireland?] Dated at end 'September, 1874.'

10pp., 12mo. Stitched and unbound. Concludes: 'There, Reverend Sirs, you have Professor Tyndall's "streaks of morning cloud" brought down to the level of the meanest human capacity. The foregoing arguments are plain and obvious. Some of them are very old - older than the Christianity which you earn your bread by preaching. Yet they have never been refuted. If you do not refute them, then, in the words of Oliver Cromwell, | "The Lord has done with you!" | Reverend Sirs, | Yours obediently, | EPICURUS. | September, 1874.' On aged and worn paper, with the first leaf loose.

Autograph Letter Signed ('T. H. Huxley') from the biologist and supporter of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution Thomas Henry Huxley, declining to give a lecture.

Thomas Henry Huxley [T. H. Huxley] (1825-1895), English biologist and a leading advocate of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Hodeslea, Staveley Road, Eastbourne. 24 November 1892.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. The name of the addressee is indistinct, and appears to be 'S. Algernon'. The letter reads: 'Dear Sir | I regret that I am unable to give the Lecture you ask for. I really have no business to undertake any kind of public speaking & except in very special circumstances, I keep out of it'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('E Ray Lankester') to unnamed male correspondent.

E. Ray Lankester [Sir Edwin Ray Lankester] (1847-1929), English zoologist
Publication details: 
28 May [no year]; Exeter College, Oxford.

12mo: 1 p. Nine lines of text. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. Suggests a convenient time for a meeting 'with you, Dr. Masters and Profr. Allman.' Looks forward to hearing from the recipient, once he has 'fixed the hour and the place'.

Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'G V Reed') to Benjamin Harrison, Archdeacon of Maidstone.

George Varenne Reed (1816-1886), anglican clergyman, tutor to Charles Darwin
Publication details: 
3 November 1875, 16 October 1879 and 30 July 1881; all three from Hayes Rectory, Beckenham.

All three items are good, though lightly aged, each with a thin strip from previous mounting adhering to the blank reverse of the second leaf of the bifolium. Letter One (12mo, 1 p). Thanking Harrison 'for the copy of your Charge' ['Prospects of peace for the Church in the Prayer Book and its rules']. He would have written the day before 'but we went to the opening of the Memorial Church at Langton yesterday'. Letter Two (12mo, 2 pp): Thanks him for 'so kindly sending me your last Charge ['The memories of departed brethren, and the sacredness of their earthly resting places'].

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