[ Mutiny on HMS Winchester, 1854, and initiation ceremony for blue jackets. ] Proof of the start of an article, including a diary of 'The Winchester's Last Commission' and extract from letter by Sir Charles Fellowes.

Anon. [ HMS Winchester and Admiral Sir Charles Fellowes (1823-1886), Commander in Chief, Channel Fleet; mutiny ]
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Without place or date, but after Fellowes' death in 1886.

This item appears to be a proof of the first eight pages of an unpublished 'account of the mutiny' on board HMS Winchester in the South China Seas in 1854 (while on its way to take part in the Second Burmese War, in which the Winchester's captain Granville Gower Loch (1813-1853) would be killed). The mutiny, which was quashed by Rear Admiral Fleetwood Pellew (1789-1861), is described by the author of the present item as the ship's 'skeleton in the cupboard'. The text breaks off before the mutiny takes place, with the Winchester having left Point de Galle, and on its way to Trincomalee.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Cas. Wm. Powlett') from the Hon. Charles William Powlett, only son of the 3rd Baron Bayning, inviting Mrs Hamilton to dinner.

Hon. Charles William Powlett (1844-1864), only son of Henry William Powlett [born Henry Townshend] (1797-1866), 3rd Baron Bayning and his wife Emma [née Fellowes].
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Pulteney Street [London]. No date.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. With monogrammed 'CWP' letterhead in red. He was sorry not to have found her at home, 'but we always go out at the same time'. He invites her to dine with them on the Sunday: 'as Mrs. is with you to take care of Col. Hamilton', whom he is sorry to hear is 'so great an invalid'. Powlett died at the age of 19 in 1864; on his father's death two years later the barony became extinct.?>

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