[Lady Penelope Balogh [Penelope Gatty], psychotherapist and biographer of Sigmund Freud.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘Pen.’) to ‘Mash’[?], regarding her novel.

Lady Penelope Balogh [previously Penelope Gatty; born Penelope Tower] (1916-1975), psychotherapist and biographer of Sigmund Freud, wife of Oliver Gatty (1907-1940), chemist and psychical researcher
Publication details: 
6 January 1949. On letterhead of 2 Rawlinson Road, Oxford.

2pp, 4to. In fair condition, aged and creased. Folded once.

[ Leaflet/Handbill; annotated ] Association for the Scientific Treatment of Criminals "The only way to stop us ..."(annotation described below).

[ Adler, Freud, Jung, Havelock Ellis and others Vice-Presidents]
Publication details: 
[ London, 1931? ]

Printed, 4pp., 8vo, fold mark, small closed tear, good condition, with removeable application for Associate/subscription intact and unused. The word "Criminal" in the title has been crossed out and"Deliquency & Crime" added in MS title. The list of members include Adler, Freud, Jung, Havelock Ellis, Ernest Jones, H.G. Wells and others. The name Dr Otto Rank has been added in MS, and other lesser names typed in (Cyril Burt etc). The leaflet outlines their Aims, with further sections entitled "Existing Anomalies" and "Society's Responsibility".

[Ernest Jones, Welsh neurologist and psychoanalyst, official biographer of Sigmund Freud.] Typed Letter Signed ('Ernest Jones | MD.') to 'Dr. Culpin', i.e. Millais Culpin, on a 'remark' by Sir Patrick Hastings and Culpin's new professorship.

Ernest Jones [Alfred Ernest Jones] (1879-1958), Welsh neurologist and psychoanalyst, official biographer of Sigmund Freud [Millais Culpin, psychologist; Sir Patrick Gardiner Hastings, barrister]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 81 Harley Street, London, W1. 18 May 1931.

For the recipient Millais Culpin (1874-1952), see the Oxford DNB. The first part of the letter concerns an incident involving the celebrated barrister Sir Patrick Hastings (1880-1952), who would appear from Jones's account to have made a remark – objectionable to Jones and Culpin – 'about the distinction' (between psychiatry and psychology?), in response to a question from a judge (in a case in which Culpin had been called as a medical witness?).

[Eugen Bleuler, Swiss psychiatrist who coined the terms 'schizophrenia', 'schizoid', 'autism' and 'ambivalence'.] Typed Letter Signed ('Bleuler'), in German, requesting information on the manifestation of 'eine psyche-artige Funktion' in plants.

Eugen Bleuler [Paul Eugen Bleuler] (1857-1939), Swiss psychiatrist and eugenicist, who coined such psychiatric terms as 'schizophrenia', 'schizoid', 'autism' and 'ambivalence'
Publication details: 
On his letterhead, Zurich, Switzerland; 5 March 1939.

1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Written a few months before Bleuler's death to an unnamed recipient ('Liebster Freund!'), regarding the possibility of consciousness within the plant kingdom. As a nonbotanist ('als Nichtbotaniker') Bleuler has no knowledge of 'die Falle, wo Pflanzen Gedichtnis oder sonst eine psyche-artige Funktion zeigen', with the exception of 'der Mimosen', and it strikes him ' dass ich eigentlich die Pflicht hatte, das Material so weit als moglich zu kennen, bevor ich etwas drucken lasse'.

[ Pamphlet ] Dreams; A Paper read to The Maryport Literary and Scientific Society [...] On March 11th, 1890.

Rt. Rev. Abbot Snow, O.S.B.
Publication details: 
Printed by the Western Chronicle Company, Yeovil [ 1890 ]

Disbound, 21pp., 8vo, foxing on first page, ow good condition. He discusses the most prominent aspects of dreams without attempting a scientific analysis of mind and brain that must enter into any complete theory. Note: Freud's work on Dreams was published in 1899. No other copy of this pamphlet is listed on COPAC/WorldCat. Note: Item extracted from bound volume of pamphlets with the bookplate of L.A.St L. Toke, scholar.

[German Psychiatrist] Autograph Letter Signed "Stadelmann" to an unnamed correspondent. In German.

Dr Heinrich Stadelmann, German psychiatrist
Publication details: 
[Printed heading] Dr. Stadelmann's | Klinik fur Nervenkranke | Dresden - A., Hubnerstrasse 2, [Germany, 31 August 1907.

Three pages 12mo, fold mark, good condition. He informs his correspondent that he has jsut beeen to London for "dem internatioalur Kongress fur Schulhygiene" but the rest escapes me. Image of letter may be obtained on request. Price assuming decent content. Note: "From 1920, Dr Heinrich Stadelmann, Dresden psychiatrist and hypnotist, fixes us with outsize spectral watery-green eyes, rims pinkly bloodshot. His face is ashen – Stadelmann never saw the sun, working only at night – and his ears are so large that they evoke another nocturnal creature, a bat.

[Peter Levi, S.J., English poet.] Unpublished holograph poem ( 'P. L.') titled 'For Henrietta and Dom. | (December, 1960.)' Addressed to the Indian poet Dom Moraes and his wife Henrietta Moraes, lover of Lucien Freud and model for Francis Bacon.

Peter Levi [Peter Chad Tigar Levi] (1931-2000), Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford and Jesuit priest [Dom Moraes (1938-2004), Indian poet; his wife Henrietta Moraes (1931-1999)]
Publication details: 
Place not stated. December 1960.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. A fair copy of a twenty-eight line poem, arranged in seven four-line stanzas. Signed at end 'P. L. | December 1960.' The first stanza reads 'Rain-threaded gull-wheeling bell-clamorous air, | by wind shifted, by smoke lightly weighted, | in which sirens beautifully despair, | no monumnet crumbles uncelebrated,'. The poem ends with a simile of 'Adam when he woke: | stood for a moment as if he had been blind, | and bent suddenly over Eve, and spoke.' There is no indication that the poem has been published.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Hugo') from Anglo-Jewish poet Hugo Manning to Gerald Long, with a copy of Manning's book 'Modigliani', inscribed to Gerald and Anne Long.

Hugo Manning (1913-1977), Anglo-Jewish poet, journalist and mystic [Gerald Long (1922-1998), General Manager of Reuters, 1963-1981]
Publication details: 
Letter: 46 Belsize Square, London, NW3. 15 September 1976. Book: Enitharmon Press, London. 1976.

Letter: 1p., 4to. Good, on blue paper. Addressed to 'Dear Gerry', it reads: 'Please accept the enclosed book. I hope you & your family are well & flourishing. We have to soldier on - with some hope in our hearts - despite the molestations of a dark age. | The best there is | [signed] Hugo'. Book: 34 + [i] pp., 8vo. Very good copy; in fair dustwrapper, with slight spotting at head. Limited to 550 copies. Inscribed on half-title 'To Gerald & Anne Long | wishing them peace & all good things | [signed] Hugo Manning | 1976'.

Essai de Psychologie. La Bête et l'Homme. With authorial inscription and tipped in Autograph Letter Signed

Dr Edouard Fournié
Essai de Psychologie. La Bête et l'Homme.
Publication details: 
Paris, 1877.
Essai de Psychologie. La Bête et l'Homme.

xvi.566pp., half-lea. worn and damaged but intact, contents good condition. Inscribed by author: "Mr le rev. W.B. Bailey D.D.| Hommage de l'auteur | Dr Edouard Fournié". With tipped in ALS, "Edouard Fournié", presumably to Bailey, [printed heading name and address], Paris 16 Juin 1877, saying, "Je recois un lettre de Mr d {?] Kane dans la quelle il me dit que vous voulez bien prendre connaissance de mon Essai de Psycholigie [title underlined] et en rendre compte dans une revue.

Psychoanalyse ihre bedeutung und ihr einfluss auf jugenderziehung, kinderaufklärung, berufs- und liebeswahl.

Dr. Rudolf Urbantschitsch
Publication details: 
1924. Wien und Leipzig: Verlag Von Moritz Perles.

Psychoanalyst (1879-1965). 46 pages, 8vo. 2 pages of publisher's advertisements at rear. In original brown printed wraps. Paper browning and with some wear to first and last leaves, and some loss, wear and closed tears to wraps.

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