[General Election of 1835: the Duke of Wellington's brother Lord Charles Wellesley defeated at Rochester by one vote.] Manuscript documents from legal team of victorious candidate T. T. Hodges, at House of Commons 'Controverted Election' committee.

Lord Charles Wellesley; Thomas Twisden Hodges; General Election, 1835; Rochester Kent; Controverted Elections; House of Commons Committee of Privileges and Elections; Duke of Wellington
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House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, Westminster (London). [Rochester, Kent.] 1836 and 1837.

Between 1604 and 1868 the House of Commons exercised jurisdiction over controverted (disputed) elections, which were usually referred to its Committee of Privileges and Elections. The Parliamentary Archives hold the Controverted Elections Court Evidence minute books for the period between 1829 and 1906. The minute books contain transcripts of the evidence laid before the committee.

[ George Young, Shrewsbury Quaker land surveyor. ] Coloured manuscript map on vellum of 'Lands at the Holly Bush and the Dales in the Chapelry of Knightwick and County of Worcester Belonging to Isabella Hodges'.

George Young (1750-1820) Shrewsbury Quaker land surveyor [ Isabella Hodges, Worcester landowner ]
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'Survey'd & Drawn by George Young Worcester 1776.'

On one side of a 58 x 39 cm. piece of vellum. In fair condition, rolled, and lightly aged and worn. An finished production, with elegant lettering and compass. Maps showing the lands – which adjoin those of Lord Foley – at the Holly Bush to the left side, and those at the Dales to the right. Title in the middle of the page, beneath which is a table of 24 locations, from 'Far Meadow' to 'Orly Spring', colour coded to the two parts of the map: 'Green | Yellow | Red | Blue | Sea Green'. The table quantifies the amount of 'Arable | Pasture | Orchards | Hop Yards | Coppice', with totals.

[ Printed pamphlet. ] A Grammar of Socialism.

Thomas Wodehouse, Curate of the Savoy [ Women's Printing Society, Limited, 21B, Great College Street, Westminster; English socialism; radical Anglicanism ]
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Second Edition. John Hodges, 13 Soho Square, London, W. 1884.

32pp., landscape 12mo (8.5 x 13.5 cm). Stitched in grey printed wraps. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with front wrap detached and lightly marked. Wodehouse is named as author on front cover, but not on title-page. Laid out in the form of a fourteen-page catechism of 28 points, followed by 'Notes and Illustrations from Various Writers'. Pertinent as ever, in its criticism of 'excessive inequality in the partition of wealth'. COPAC only lists three copies of the first edition of 1878. Of the eight copies of the second 1884 edition on COPAC, six are listed as being printed by 'F.

[ Edward Hodges Baily, sculptor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('E H Baily'), giving his 'charges for Busts in Marble'.

Edward Hodges Baily (1788-1867), English sculptor
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11 York Place, Portman Square. 23 July 1855.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to an unnamed recipient. He gives his prices for 'a head in Marble', a 'Torso bust', and a 'pale draped bust'. Docketed on reverse with biographical details in a nineteenth-century hand.

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