['Public Baths for the Working Classes' in Nicolson Square, Edinburgh.] Three items relating to the project, two in manuscript (long circular letter, and accounts with 'Remarks') and printed prospectus.

'Public Baths for the Working Classes' in Nicolson Square, Edinburgh; Charles Gardner, Secretary to the Committee; D. McLaren and William Johnston]
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Printed prospectus dated Edinburgh, 14 July 1847. Circular letter from Committee Rooms, Cranston's Temperance Coffee House, High St, Edinburgh; 1 August 1844. Accounts at 12 August 1844.

Surprisingly little appears to have been written about the public baths at 12 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh; with no references to it on the Scottish Archives Network. There is however an informative reference to the subject in Francis H. Groome's 'Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland' (1884): 'Good public baths, of various kinds and various extent, for the upper and the middle classes, are in several parts both of the city and its environs. Public baths for the working classes were long a desideratum, though earnestly desired by many of the working classes themselves.

[Isabelle Bogelot, nineteenth-century French women's activist.] Autograph Letter Signed [to the London bookseller Philip Stephen King and his wife]

Isabelle Bogelot (1838-1923), French activist, whose Oeuvre des Libérées de Saint-Lazare assisted former inmates of the Paris prison [Philip Stephen King (1819-1908), London parliamentary bookseller]
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4 rue Perrault [Paris]. 19 April 1886.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Not having had 'la facilté de profiter de la bonne recommendation de Miss Louisa Hardy', she writes a letter of recommendation for her son, who will be passing through London for a few days: 'c'est lui qui vous portera nos compliments et vous remercira des articles des journaux que vous m'avez fait parvenir et qu'il m'a traduit'.

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