[ Poultney Bigelow, American journalist and author. ] Autograph Letter Signed describing his 'Canoe Voyage' on the Danube, and his future movements as guest of the Kaiser

Poultney Bigelow (1855-1954), American journalist and author
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Addressed from 'Canoe "Caribee" - on the Danube - near Hungarian Frontier - July 21. 91.' [ 1891 ]

1p., 8vo. Aged and worn. Bigelow was educated at a preparatory school in Potsdam, and was a childhood playmate of the Kaiser and his younger brother, and maintained a friendship with them throughout their lives. On his death at the age of 98 he was the oldest Yale alumnus, and the oldest member of the Athenaeum club in London.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Rennell Rodd | priv: sec:') to unnamed male correspondent.

James Rennell Rodd (1858-1941), 1st Baron Rennell, English diplomat and classical scholar
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13 September 1888; on official letterhead from the British Embassy, Berlin.

12mo, 2 pp, 10 lines. Good, on lightly aged paper, with scrap of brown paper mount adhering in top right-hand corner on the reverse (not affecting text). Concerns a volume which 'has been duly forwarded to Count Seckendorff, Comptroller of the Household of Her Majesty the Emperess Frederick'. The Ambassador Sir Edward Malet has asked Rodd to express to the correspondent 'his personal thanks for the second copy you were good enough to forward to him'.

Autograph Letter Signed to the British shipowner Sir Donald Currie (1825-1909).

Baron Heinrich von Ohlendorff
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Hamburg; 11 September 1895.

Three pages, small octavo. With embossed crest. Aged, and with some wear to extremities, but text clear and complete. In English. He sends two walking sticks. 'Might I ask you to send one to the honored Mr. Gladstone and beg him to accept it from me as one of his Hamburg admirers, who knows how fond he is of working with the saw.' The other stick is for Currie, 'as a small remembrance of the pleasant time I spent with you at Hamburg and Kiel.' 'Inside the sticks you will find a saw, which can be taken out and fastened on to the hook.

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