[Gari Melchers, American naturalist artist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Gari Melchers') to 'Wriggles' [Henriette Lewis-Hind?], regarding book and exhibition at Anderson Galleries, New York, with reference to William Edwin Rudge and Mitchell Kennerly.

Gari Melchers [Julius Garibaldi Melchers] (1860-1932), American naturalist artist [Henriette Lewis-Hind; Mitchell Kennerly (1878-1950); Anderson Galleries, New York; William Edwin Rudge (1876-1931)]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Century Club, 7 West Fortythird Street, New York. 13 April 1928.

The name of the recipient is not clear: it would appear to read 'Wriggles', and the letter suggests that this is a pet name for Melchers' close friend Henriette Lewis-Hind, who wrote the foreword to 'Gari Melchers, Painter', published that same year in New York by W. E. Rudge. An excellent letter, full of content, beginning: 'My dear [Wriggles?]. | We only returned from the West Indies a week or two ago – had a fine time'.

Autograph signatures of the English contralto Dame Clara Butt ('Clara Butt-Rumford') and her husband Robert Kennerley Rumford ('R. Kennerley Rumford'), baritone.

Dame Clara Butt [Clara Ellen Butt; Clara Butt-Rumford] (1872-1936), English contralto singer, and her husband Robert ('Bertie') Kennerley Rumford (1870-1957), baritone.
Publication details: 
Dated by Rumford 1922.

12mo landscape, on leaf of pink paper removed from autograph album, with one set of rounded corners. In good condition. Butt's inscription is above Rumford's, and large in comparison. Reads 'Clara Butt - | Rumford' and R. Kennerley Rumford | 11 Oct. 22.'

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