[Hall Caine's brother Ralph threatens Lord Northcliffe's Amalgamated Press with legal action for 'stealing my idea' on popular publishing.] Two Typed Letters Signed from 'Ralph' to his 'Papa & mama', with his Typed 'complete [solicitors'] statement'.

Ralph Hall Caine (1865-1939), Isle of Man author and journalist; brother of novelist Hall Caine [Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe; Sir Harold Harmsworth; Amalgamated Press]
Publication details: 
Letters on letterhead of 2 Tudor Street, London E.C. [Amalgamated Press Ltd offices] 15 March and 18 April 1907. Statement without place or date.

The three items are in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: TLS, 15 March 1907. 4pp., 4to. He is sending a copy (i.e. Item Three below) of 'a complete statement of what has taken place up to date. In fact it is the actual statement I placed before my Solicitor this afternoon […] Of course this is what we might have expected from these people, and it does not come as a very great surprise. | It is a direct attempt to get out of their obligations, as they have done before, as they can get this new man, and have got him – at something like £500 a year without an interest'.

[ Lord Harmsworth, press baron. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Alfred Harmsworth') to 'Mr. Fisher', explaining that he cannot attend a meeting as he has to 'attend to my newspapers all day long'.

Lord Northcliffe [ Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe (1865-1922) ], press baron, owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Daily Mail, Temple, E.C. [ London ] 29 November 1898.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Reads: 'Dear Mr. Fisher | I am so sorry I cannot attend the meeting. Unfortunately, I am absolutely obliged to attend to my newspapers all day long. | Yours faithfully | Alfred Harmsworth'. The Daily Mail was little more than two years old at the time of this note.

[ John Rutherford Gordon, editor of the 'Sunday Express'. ] 'Rough draft' of typed article, with autograph emendations, on Lord Northcliffe, 'the incomparable journalist of the age', written from personal knowledge.

John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of London 'Sunday Express' [ Lord Northcliffe [ Alfred Charles William Harmsworth (1865-1922), 1st Viscount Northcliffe ], press baron, owner of Daily Mail ]
Publication details: 
Dated 25 April 1952, and with autograph note stating that it was 'Partly used in Sunday Express [ London ] 27/4/52'.

21pp., fourteen of them in 4to, and the other seven pages cut down. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Stapled together, with the first leaf detached. The article is complete but untitled. It is unattributed, but comes from the J. R. Gordon papers. A well-written and incisive piece, written from an insider's point of view. Gordon lays out his stall at the very start: 'Few people of our generation have influenced the life of it so profoundly as Lord Northcliffe. He was the incomparable journalist of our age.

[Desmond Harmsworth, publisher, poet and artist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Desmond') to Irish poet Sylvia Lynd, expressing condolences on the death of her husband Robert.

Desmond Harmsworth (1903-1990), publisher, poet and artist, a member of the Northcliffe publishing dynasty [Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Anglo-Irish poet, wife of the essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949)]
Publication details: 
The Daily Telegraph, Fleet Street. 7 October 1949.

2pp., 8vo. On aged paper. He expresses himself with sincere emotion: 'O Sylvia - I have just read the news that your Robert has died - my Robert, too, in a far, far lesser, but still real, sense. […] Think how few women have loved, & been loved, by a man like him. […] I, too, am not far off my end. […] I have never being [sic] in Robert's company - even for a few minutes together - without feeling that he was one of the most loveable of men. […] I am writing at the printers, waiting for "proofs." - Robert would smile at a situation so characteristic of both our lives.

Autograph Letter Signed by Joseph Mortimer, Secretary, also signed by F. J. E. Young, Chairman, to Cecil B. Harmsworth, expressing 'great appreciation' for his 'splendid service' to the Printers' Pension, Almshouse & Orphan Asylum Corporation.

The Printers' Pension, Almshouse, & Orphan Asylum Corporation [Cecil Bisshopp Harmsworth, 1st Baron Harmsworth (1869-1948), director of Amalgamated Press and chairman of Associated Newspapers]
The Printers' Pension, Almshouse, & Orphan Asylum Corporation
Publication details: 
19 June [circa 1900]; on letterhead of The Printers' Pension, Almshouse & Orphan Asylum Corporation, London
The Printers' Pension, Almshouse, & Orphan Asylum Corporation

4to, 2 pp. 23 lines. Text clear and complete. Very good on lightly-aged paper. Reporting the 'record character' of the 'financial result of the recent Anniversary Festival', and thanking Harmsworth for his 'great personal interest in the Festival which has led to the Funds of the Institution being so considerably increased' and 'splendid service', and requesting permission for his 'name to be thus permanently connected wtih the Charitable Work which your kind efforts have so very materially advanced'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('G. F. Hamilton') to 'My dear Harmsworth' (Viscount Northcliffe?). With a copy of his booklet translation: 'In St. Patrick's Praise: The Hymn of St. Secundinus (Sechnall)'.

[G. F. Hamilton, Rector of Moylough, Co. Galway] [Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe]
Publication details: 
Letter dated 13 March 1919; on letterhead of the Rectory, Moylough, Co. Galway. Booklet: Dublin: The Church of Ireland Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd., 61 Middle Abbey Street.

Letter: 12mo, 1 p. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Begins 'Your hands must be full just now, judging from the Daily Papers.' He presents the 'booklet' as 'a small memento of friendship for you', and describes as 'just published by me on a hymn considered (by Bernard, Bury etc.) to be a contemporary of St. Patrick. An 11th. cent MS. containing it is in T. C. D. Library. And it is also given in a 7th. cent. MS. at Milan.' Postscript referring to an article he has sent Harmsworth, 'for which I received thanks (quite unsolicited) of the Prof. of English Literature, T.C.D.!

Northcliffe: The Facts.

Louise Owen [Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, Viscount Northcliffe; Harold Sidney Harmsworth, Viscount Rothermere]
Publication details: 
London: 22 Buckingham Gate, S.W.1. [Preface dated 'September, 1931.'] ['Printed in Great Britain by Louise Owen, 2, Johnson's Court, London, E.C.4.'

8vo: 334 pp. Portrait of Northcliffe as frontispiece. Three facsimiles of letters in text and fold-out with facsimiles of three of Northcliffe's letters. Inscribed by Owen on front pastedown 'To Elaine from Louise and Northcliffe. | Nov. 1938'. (The reference to 'Northcliffe' is explained by the fact that Owen considered herself a spirit medium, in contact with the deceased Viscount.) Internally good: sound and tight, on lightly aged paper. In original worn red cloth, with slight bloom on front.

Typed Letter Signed ('Wickham Steed') to Rev. E. J. F. Davies.

Henry Wickham Steed (1871-1956), English journalist and historian, nicknamed 'Stickum'
Publication details: 
1 June 1932; on letterhead Lansdowne House 7, Holland Park, W.11 [London].

One page, 12mo. Very good. 'Absence abroad has prevented me hitherto from complying with your request. I have pleasure in enclosing herewith a specimen of my signature.'

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