[R. H. Naylor, astrologer.] Typed Signed Horoscope of President Roosevelt, with letter to John Gordon, editor of the Sunday Express, reporting 'queer indications therein'. With typed copy of report of Naylor's 1936 trial, brought by Maurice Barbanell

R. H. Naylor [Richard Harold Naylor] (1889-1952), Britain's first newspaper astrologer [John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of the London 'Daily Express'; Maurice Barbanell (1902-1982)]
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Letter from Naylor to Gordon: On his letterhead, 43 Museum Street, London, WC1. 21 January 1941. Horoscope dating from a round the same time. Report of trial undated [March 1936].

Three items from the papers of John Gordon, editor of the Daily Express. The first two in good condition, lightly aged and creased; the third creased and torn, with slight loss to text. ONE: Typed Letter Signed ('R. H. N.') from Naylor to Gordon. 1p., 12mo. Headed 'Confidential'. He writes: 'Having drawn up an Astrological Chart for the time of the official inauguration of Roosevelt's Third Term I find some queer indications there. To me they are tremendously interesting and as I think you might find them interesting too I am sending you a copy of the notes I have filed.

['Stuart Cumberland' [Charles Garner] (1857-1922), Victorian 'Mentalist' or 'Muscle Reader'.] Twelve Autograph Letters Signed ('Laura') from his wife to her father and sister, written during tours from Egypt, India, Spain and Australia.

Laura Nina Webb (née Cumberland) (fl. 1885 and 1947), wife of 'Stuart Cumberland' [Charles Garner] (1857-1922), Victorian 'Mentalist' or 'Muscle Reader' (i.e. mind reader)
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Trieste, Egypt (Cairo), India (Calcutta, Bombay, Agra), Australia (Sydney) and Spain (Madrid). 1885, 1886 and 1887.

Of the twelve letters, nine are to her sister Ellen Alice Webb ('Nell'), two are to her father the Oxford gunmaker George Webb (d.1892, of 85 High Street, and later 36 Iffley Rd), and one is to both father and sister. They total 57pp, in a variety of paper shapes and sizes (10pp., 32mo; 20pp., 16mo; 23pp., 12mo; 4pp., 4to). In good condition, on aged and worn paper. One letter lacking the final section, including signature. As Barry H.

[W. Macqueen-Pope, theatre manager and historian.] Typed Letter Signed 'W. Macqueen-Pope') to 'Mr O'Donnell' [the ghost hunter Elliott O'Donnell], regarding 'the Ghost' at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and the possibility of a 'night vigil' there.

W. Macqueen-Pope [Walter James Macqueen-Pope] (1888-1960), theatre manager and historian [Elliott O'Donnell (1872-1965), Irish ghost hunter]
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On his letterhead, 5-6 Coventry Street, W1. [London] 6 December 1951.

1p., landscape 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with cropped margins. He begins by explaining that O'Donnell's letter has been sent to him 'from Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, on the staff of which I am and whose whose [sic] historian I am too'. He continues: 'I fear a night vigil would be of little use so far as the Ghost is concerned. He is a day time visitant. Never yet has he been seen before 9 a.m. or after six p.m. Between those hours - frequently.' He refers O'Donnell to the 'full account' in his book 'Theatre Royal'.

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