[Richard Carlile writes from Dorchester Gaol following his conviction for blasphemous libel.] Original number of Carlile's 'The Republican', as issued from press in original blue covers, containing various pieces relating to his imprisonment.

Richard Carlile (1790-1843), publisher and writer, leader of the Rotunda Radicals, disciple of Tom Paine, lover of Elizabeth Sharples (1803-1852), suffragist
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[The Republican, London.] 18 January 1822. No. 3. Vol. V. Printed and Published by R. Carlile, 55, Fleet Street.

A nice artefact, a number of Carlile's celebrated radical journal 'The Republican' (espousing not only republicanism but also atheism, abolitionism and birth control) as it appeared from the press. For information on Carlile - described by E. P. Thompson as a 'Showman of Free Thought' - and his 'moral wife' the suffragist Eliza Sharples, see their entries in the Oxford DNB. For publishing various 'blasphemous' works by Thomas Paine, Carlile was fined £1500 and sentenced to three years in Dorchester Gaol.

[ Pamphlet. ] The Repeal of the Union Conspiracy; or, Mr. Parnell, M.P., and the I.R.B.

[ Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1892), Irish nationalist member of the British parliament; the Irish Republican Brotherhood ]
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London: William Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly, W. 1886.

64pp., 12mo. Frontispiece in red and black, with diagrammatic pyramid with 'Rank and File or "Soldiers."' at the base, and 'C. S. Parnell, M.P.' at the apex. At foot of the frontispiece is printed 'The Assassination Oath of the I. R. B.' Disbound pamphlet without covers. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper.

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