A large archive of letters, signed "HJR" or pseudonymously "Fitzjohn" or "F" (as of Fitzjohn Avenue, Hampstead), to his mistress, Brunhild 'Brynnie' Granger, with a body of printed and manuscript material relating to his life and career.

[An Aging Composer in Love; Ferguson's Gang] H V Jervis-Read [Harold Vincent Jervis-Read], English composer (b.1883), Royal Academy of Music.
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[Royal Academy of Music, High Street & Fitzjohns Avenue, Hampstead, etc, London], various pleaces (and hotels) when he travels, 1926-1934.

An unusual survival, the letters of a composer, Harold Jervis-Read, to his lover illustrating the growth of a relationship (and an ability to express his feelings) against the backcloth (sometimes foreground) of his musical activities, and his marriage. Total of letters circa 350 (three hundred and fifty) Autograph Letters, 118 (one hundred and eighteen) apparently complete letters (many start and end abruptly), dated, 432 (four hundred and thirty two) pages, with some APCSs, mainly 12mo, 1-8pp. each, 55 of these letters dated 1933 and 30 dated 1934, 1926-1928 comprising one letter only.

[Giuseppe 'Pino' Orioli, Florentine bookseller and companion of Norman Douglas.] Autograph Signature ('G. Orioli'), and Signed Autograph Inscription ('Pino') on title-leaf of his book 'Adventures of a Bookseller'.

Giuseppe Orioli [Pino Orioli] (1884-1942), Italian bookseller, first publisher of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' by D. H. Lawrence, and close companion of the English novelist Norman Douglas
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The inscription is dated 'Florence day of publication', the book being published in Florence in 1937.

Only the prelims of the book are present, on four leaves. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight damage at the margin of the first leaf. Orioli's two inscriptions are on the two central leaves. Comprising a leaf with series title ('The Lungarno Series No. 12'); leaf with half-title and limitation (no 5 of 300) on reverse, signed 'G. Orioli'; title leaf; and contents leaf. The inscription on the title reads: 'This is for Barbara and Raphael | with love and affection | from Pino [Orioli] | Florence day of publication'.

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