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[Beverley Nichols, author and playwright.] Typed Letter Signed ('Beverley Nichols') to Dr Maurice Ernest, expressing puzzlement at the suggestion that he is writing 'a biography on Conan Doyle'.

Beverley Nichols [John Beverley Nichols] (1898-1983), prolific author, playwright, journalist, composer and public speaker [Maurice Ernest (1872-1955), biologist]
Publication details: 
28 September 1948. On letterhead of Merry Hall, Ashtead, Surrey.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and ruckled, with wear to one corner. Small photograph of Nichols cut from newspaper laid down at top left. The letter begins: 'Dear Dr. Ernest, | Thank you so much for your kind offer of assistance. I do appreciate it as such, but I have to confess that this is the first I have heard about my forthcoming biography on Conan Doyle!' The subject would certainly prove to be an interesting one, but he cannot imagine how the idea originated.

[Sir Edward Marsh, Winston Churchill's friend and private secretary, classical scholar and patron of Georgian poetry.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Edward Marsh') to 'Mrs Young', regarding his gift of a stick to 'Lance'.

Sir Edward Marsh [Sir Edward Howard Marsh] (1872-1953), civil servant, promoter of Georgian poetry, classical scholar, friend and secretary to Winston Churchill
Publication details: 
20 West Road, Cambridge. 5 August [no year].

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with two folds and one crease line. Written in a stylish and assured hand, the note reads: 'Dear Mrs Young, | Yes, I was Lance's friend - & I am glad to hear that the stick I gave him has descended to your son, to whom I wish all good. | Yours sincerely | Edward Marsh'.

[Offprint of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London.] Franco-American and Franco-British Relations. (Paper read on June 15th, 1926.)

M. André Siegfried [The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London]
Publication details: 
'Reprinted from "Journal of Royal Institute of International Affairs," September 1926.'

14pp., 8vo, paginated 225-238. Stitched pamphlet in grey printed wraps. Somewhat worn and aged, with pin hole passing through the pamphlet at head. Siegried's aim is to 'study as frankly as possible the spirit of Franco-American relations. Then - and this might look bold, as I am speaking to a British audience - I will try to analyse what I think is the spirit of Anglo-American relations.

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