[ Sir Albert Spicer, Liberal Party politician. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Albert Spicer') to A. D. Snow, responding to congratulations on his receiving his baronetcy.

Sir Albert Spicer (1847-1934), industrialist and Liberal Party politician, successively Member of Parliament for Monmouth Boroughs and Hackney Central
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On letterhead of 10 Lancaster Gate, W. [ London ] 9 July 1906.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He thanks him for his congratulations on 'the honour His Majesty has conferred upon me', adding 'The kind and generous way in which the announcement has been received by our friends has been most gratifying to my Wife and myself.'

[ Sir Archibald Spicer Hurd, naval authority. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A S H.') to 'Mr Service' (of the publishers Seeley & Co.), complaining about the severity of a proposed contract for a series of articles.

Sir Archibald Spicer Hurd (1869-1959) [ Seeley, Service and Co., London publishers ]
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On letterhead of 6 Stafford Terrace, Plymouth.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Written in pencil. A long and interesting complaint, casting an interesting light on the journalistic practices of the period. Hurd begins without preamble, pointing out, with reference to a previous letter, that he 'never promised 35000 words', and stating that the publisher 'would doubtless be able to put in a few extra illustrations to fill it out'.

[ Lancelot Spicer and Radical Action. ] Two Typed Letters Signed to Mark Bonham Carter, discussing the aims of the group, the resignation of Wilfrid Roberts and a dinner for Sir William Beveridge. With copies of two letters from Bonham Carter.

Lancelot Spicer [ Lancelot Dykes Spicer ] (1893-1979); Mark Bonham Carter, Baron Bonham-Carter (1922-1994) [ Radical Action; The Liberal Action Group ]
Publication details: 
Spicer's first letter: On letterhead of 16 Pelham Place, Kensington. 31 December 1943. Spicer's second letter: On Radical Action letterhead, 346 Abbey House, Victoria Street, London. 17 November 1944.

The four items in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. ONE: TLS by Spicer, 31 December 1943. 4pp., 12mo. With a couple of minor autograph emendations. A long and wide-ranging letter, discussing the aims of the group (in response to Item Three below). Topics include: 'intellectuals in the Group', whether it is 'disuniting the Party', 'the future of the Party', 'going into opposition', 'the position of the Liberal Party at the next General Election, or at the conclusion of the European War', and whether Radical Action is 'pin-pricking the Parliamentary Party'.

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