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[H. G. Wells, author of 'The War of the Worlds' and 'The Time Machine'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H. G. Wells') to 'Mrs. Hind' [wife of Charles Lewis Hind], concerning 'C. C's particular resistance 'to all instructions & recommendations'.

H. G. Wells [Herbert George Wells] (1866-1946), celebrated author of 'The War of the Worlds' and 'The Time Machine'
H.G. Wells
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 47 Chiltern Court, Clarence Gate, N.W.1. [London] 3 October 1931.
H.G. Wells

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and folded twice. The letter reads: 'Dear Mrs. Hind. | I would if I could but I have no power to do so. I know C. C (though our intimacy is much exaggerated) and he is particularly resistant to all instructions & recommendations. | All my good wishes | H. G. Wells'. The identity of 'C. C' is unclear. From the papers of Charles Lewis Hind (1862-1927), author, journalist and art historian.

[ Sir Archibald Spicer Hurd, naval authority. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A S H.') to 'Mr Service' (of the publishers Seeley & Co.), complaining about the severity of a proposed contract for a series of articles.

Sir Archibald Spicer Hurd (1869-1959) [ Seeley, Service and Co., London publishers ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 6 Stafford Terrace, Plymouth.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Written in pencil. A long and interesting complaint, casting an interesting light on the journalistic practices of the period. Hurd begins without preamble, pointing out, with reference to a previous letter, that he 'never promised 35000 words', and stating that the publisher 'would doubtless be able to put in a few extra illustrations to fill it out'.

Five Autograph Letters Signed [all 'James Knowles'] to Hurd.

Sir James Knowles [Sir James Thomas Knowles] (1831-1908), architect and editor of 'The Nineteenth Century' [Sir Archibald Hurd (1869-1959), writer on naval matters]
Publication details: 
Between 1898 and 1901; on letterhead of 'The Nineteenth Century'.

All five items are 12mo, 1 p, and in good condition, with the text entirely legible, but with slight discoloration to the extremities and to the blank second leaves of four of the letters. Letter One (17 May 1898): Concerns a letter by Sir William White, regarding which Knowles has not written as 'it seemed to me there was nothing to write about - & I am compelled to write so many letters!' Knowles 'did not at all think that Sir W. White intended any disparaging reflection in your competence by saying that you were <?> not a man "technically trained in naval architecture" '.

Letter, in a secretarial hand, Signed ('P Watts') to Archibald Hurd, 6 Stafford Terrace, Plymouth.

Sir Philip Watts (1846-1926), English naval architect [Sir Archibald Hurd (1869-1959); Elswick Shipyard, Newcastle upon Tyne; Victorian shipbuilding; maritime]
Publication details: 
16 July 1898; on Elswick Shipyard letterhead.

4to, 2 pp, 18 lines. Text clear and entire on aged, creased paper, with pin holes and indentations and slight smoke-staining in right-hand margin of first leaf (not affecting text) and on the blank reverse of the second leaf. The late response to Hurd's letter of 13 March is due to 'a clerical oversight and the illness and absence of the writer'. Gives details of the amount of coal carried by the 'Blanco Encalada', 'Hai Chi' and 'Buenos Aires', as well as their bunker capacity and normal supplies. He also refers to the 'Astraea' and the 'Japanese Battleship "Yahsima"'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('P Watts') to Archibald Hurd, 5 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London N.W.

Sir Philip Watts (1846-1926), English naval architect [Sir Archibald Hurd (1869-1959)]
Publication details: 
20 [corrected from 18] October 1909; on embossed Admiralty letterhead.

4to, 2 pp, 25 lines. Good, on slightly discoloured and grubby paper. Watts takes issue with 'The statement of British Shipbuilding Programmes since 1889' which Hurd has forwarded. 'It was found more convenient to draw up the table again', and Watts is sending 'the result of the investigations which have been made' (table not present). He is in 'complete agreement' with the 'statements under the headings of Battleships, Armoured Cruisers and 1st. class Cruisers', but 'Under the headings of 2nd. and 3rd.

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