[ James Sheridan Knowles, Irish dramatist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Sheridan Knowles') to the Birmingham printing ink manufacturers Beilby & Co, regarding a debt (incurred through his association with the Glasgow newspaper 'The Free Press').

James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862), Irish dramatist and actor [ Beilby & Knotts, Birmingham; William Spencer Northhouse, editor, 'The Free Press', Glasgow newspaper ]
Publication details: 
'July 1828 | Port Bannatyne | near Rothsay | Island of Bute | N[orth]. B[ritain].' [ Scotland. ]

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. On aged and worn paper, with some repair, and traces of stub from mount still adhering. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with postmarks, to 'Messrs Beilby & Co | Printing Ink Manufacturers | Birmingham'. On the same page, in another hand: 'Mr Reuben Sparks.' Knowles's entry in the Oxford DNB gives the context. In 1816 he 'moved to Glasgow, where he established and ran a school for nearly twelve years [...] In 1823 and 1824 he added to his income by conducting the literary department of the Free Press, a Glasgow paper which advocated liberal and social reform.

[ William Harrison Ainsworth, novelist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm Ainsworth') asking his friend John Aston to write the epilogue for Sheridan Knowles's play 'William Tell', with references to Charles Lamb and William Charles Macready.

William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882), English historical novelist [ John Partington Aston (1805-1882); James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862), Irish playwright; Charles Lamb; William Charles Macready ]
Publication details: 
London ('Send the letter by Abot directed to Milne and Parry'). 30 April 1825 [aged 20].

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed, with postmark, to 'John P. Aston, Esqre | Messrs. Ainsworth & Co | Solrs | Essex Street | Manchester'. Aston was Ainsworth's father's law clerk. The year after this letter was written the novel 'Sir John Chiverton', on which Ainsworth and Aston collaborated, was published to great success (and endorsement by Sir Walter Scott).

[ William Reade, junior. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W Reade jun.') to 'The Editor', agreeing to act as dramatic critic to London 'a literary periodical'.

William Reade, junior, of Ringwood, Hampshire, Victorian poet, lawyer, playwright and dramatic critic
Publication details: 
14 Upper Porchester Street, Cambridge Square [ London ]. 16 February 1861.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He is 'willing to undertake the office' under the rules mentioned: 'the two theatres you mention shall invariably be noticed - also the Panorama'.

[Prince Peter Kropotkin.] Proofs of an apparently unpublished article, intended for 'The Nineteenth Century and After', titled 'The White Terror in Russia', with many autograph corrections by him.

Peter Kropotkin [Prince Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin] (1842-1921), Russian polymath and anarchist [Sir James Knowles, editor, 'The Nineteenth Century and After'; Tsarist Russia; communism; anarchism]
Publication details: 
With label of 'The Nineteenth Century and After', London,.1906.

On ten 8vo leaves, and paginated 1-20. Worn and aged, with closed tear to the first leaf. Gathered with a brass stud. The recto of each leaf carries the printed date 1906, and each verso has as running title the name of the magazine. Pasted at the head of the first page is a green label reading: 'The Nineteenth Century and After. Please return this proof, when corrected, to Sir James Knowles, care of Messrs. Spottiswoode & Co. Ltd, New-street Square, London, E.C.' Beside this Kropotkin has written in pencil 'Send 4 revises'.

[Printed pamphlet.] Information & News Sheet published by British Prisoners of War Funds (British Prisoners of War Books & Games Fund and Forget-Me-Not League Registered under the War Charities Act, 1940) No. 18 - Far East.

[British Prisoners of War Funds (Miss Christine Knowles, 'Founder and Hon. Director'); Japanese Prisoners of War; the Far East]
Publication details: 
Carrington House, Hertford Street, London W1.

11pp., 12mo. Fair, on aged and creased paper. 'Please return' in manuscript at head of first page. Newspaper cutting titled 'Prisoners in Japanese Hands' loosely inserted. Begins with a section of 'Parliamentary News concerning Prisoners of War in the Far East.'; then 'Report from U.S.A.'; and a final 'Extract from copy of broadcast by Major Gourlay from Thailand', with a couple of manuscript interpolations. Scarce: no copies on COPAC or WorldCat.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. S. Knowles') from the Irish dramatist James Sheridan Knowles to 'My Dear Kenneth'.

James Sheridan Knowles (1784-1862), Irish dramatist [his wife, nee Emma Marian Maria Elphinstone (1807-1888)]
Publication details: 
Belfast; 15 December 1835.

1 p, 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper, and still attached to a leaf removed from an autograph album. His troupe 'play in Manchester on the 11th. Jany. for one week. Now, observe! Can you effect an engagement for a week previous to or subsequent to that period - or both subsequent and previous.' Knowles will be in London, 'please God, next week', and the recipient's 'attention deserves and has' Knowles's gratitude. A postscript reads: 'Miss Elphinstone achieved a complete triumph in Edinburgh, the reception was great indeed. You know our terms'.

Autograph draft of letter to the Editor of the Daily Chronicle, rebutting in strong terms the claim that Knowles was editor of the Contemporary Review.

Alexander Strahan [Alexander Stuart Strahan] (1833-1918), English publisher [Sir James Thomas Knowles (1831-1908); Alfred Tennyson]
Publication details: 
14 February 1908; on letterhead of Oakhurst, Ravenscourt Park, W.

12mo (17.5 x 11 cm): 5 pp. On two bifolium letterheads and half of a third. The text of each page is clear and complete on aged and lightly-spotted paper, but gaps between the various sections indicate that the draft is incomplete. Begins 'Sir | I see that in your obituary notice of Sir James Knowles inn today's paper you say that he was the Editor of the Contemporary Review from 1870 to 1877. | This is news to me. I was the Editor and proprietor of the Contemporary Review all these years, and I think I ought to know the facts of the matter.

Typed Letter Signed ('Ruth Knowles'), a reference for her 'ship-keeper' William Stilwell. With four photographs of her barquentine 'Friendship' ('Emma Ernest'), moored at Charing Cross, and typed reports, with newspaper cuttings, by Stilwell's son.

Ruth Mitchell [Knowles] (c.1888-1969) [Chetniks; Yugoslavia; Brigantine 'Emma Ernest'; Charing Cross Pier; World Explorers Friendship Clubs; The Yellow Rolls Royce (film, 1964); ]
Publication details: 
Letter dated 21 May 1932; on 'World Explorers' letterhead. The two reports from 1988, with one dated 'JS [James Stilwell] Oct 88'.

An interesting collection of material relating to an extraordinary woman whose exploits deserve recognition. According to one obituary Mitchell (sister of American General 'Billy' Mitchell) was 'he only foreign woman to serve with the Chetniks', for whom she acted as a dispatch rider. Captured by the Gestapo while swimming at Dubrovnik, 'still in her bathing suit, and with papers on her that would have caused her to be executed without trial, she turned to the agents and asked: "Gentlemen, you will permit me to change my trousers?" They agreed.

Autograph Letter Signed ('James Knowles') to his friend and sister Emmeline's husband Henry Hewett.

Sir James Knowles [Sir James Thomas Knowles] (1831-1908), architect and editor of 'The Contemporary Review' and 'The Nineteenth Century' [Henry Hewett; the Metaphysical Society; William George Pedder]
Publication details: 
1 April 1871; Hotel des Bains, Boulogne.

12mo, 2 pp. In poor condition, creased and with frayed edges and a closed tear to the second leaf of the bifolium, to which there is also slight loss. Text clear and entire, apart from one word. Addressed to 'Dear old Boy' and 'old fellow', from 'Your <?> Brother'.

Five Autograph Letters Signed [all 'James Knowles'] to Hurd.

Sir James Knowles [Sir James Thomas Knowles] (1831-1908), architect and editor of 'The Nineteenth Century' [Sir Archibald Hurd (1869-1959), writer on naval matters]
Publication details: 
Between 1898 and 1901; on letterhead of 'The Nineteenth Century'.

All five items are 12mo, 1 p, and in good condition, with the text entirely legible, but with slight discoloration to the extremities and to the blank second leaves of four of the letters. Letter One (17 May 1898): Concerns a letter by Sir William White, regarding which Knowles has not written as 'it seemed to me there was nothing to write about - & I am compelled to write so many letters!' Knowles 'did not at all think that Sir W. White intended any disparaging reflection in your competence by saying that you were <?> not a man "technically trained in naval architecture" '.

Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'James Knowles') to 'Lord Stratford de Redcliffe'.

Sir James Knowles [Sir James Thomas Knowles] (1831-1908), architect and editor of 'The Nineteenth Century' [Stratford Canning, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (1786-1880), British diplomat]
Publication details: 
Letter One: 22 September 1877, Milton Villa, West Hill, St Leonards on Sea. Letter Two: 16 October 1877, on letterhead of the Reform Club, London.

Both letters good, on lightly aged paper. Both items concern Canning's article on 'International Relations' in the October 1877 issue of 'The Nineteenth Century'. Letter One (12mo, 4 pages, bifolium with mourning border). Knowles hopes Canning has received the proof of the article from the publishers Spottiswoodes. A judicious bit of sycophancy follows.

Autograph Letter Signed to Canon Knowles

Henry Hayman (1823-1904) [Canon Edward Hadarezer Knowles (c.1823-1899); Rugby School; Matthew Holbeche Bloxam]
Publication details: 
3 December 1875; on printed letterhead of the Rectory, Aldingham, Ulverston.

12mo, 1 p, 8 lines. With mourning border. Good, on aged paper, with small closed tear at head neatly repaired on reverse with archival tape. Blank second leaf of bifolium stained from previous mounting. Printed as part of the letterhead at top of page are two lines giving Hayman's terms as a private tutor. (Begins 'The Rev. H. HAYMAN, D.D., ex-Head Master of Rugby, prepares Pupils for the Universities, &c.') Hayman writes to say that he has mislaid the letter from the 'Secry Archl Socy [Matthew Holbeche Bloxam (1805-1888), Secretary of the Oxford Architectural Society]'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Canon [Edward Haderezer] Knowles.

George Stephens
Publication details: 
Husaby, Grimslof Station, Smaland, Sweden, July 30, 1880.'

English runic archaeologist (1813-95). The recipient (c.1820-1896) was Principal of St Bees Theological College in Cumbria. Three pages, octavo. A frail survival, in poor condition, on discoloured, fraying paper, with several closed tears and loss to second leaf of bifolium, affecting three lines of text, and repaired with archival tape. Red letterhead vignette of stone with runic inscription. 'Your favor of the 13th has followed me to this place, my son's estate, where I have a large part of my library, Museum and Collections, as he has plenty of room in his large house.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'T. Clark Junr. Esq.'

James Sheridan Knowles
Publication details: 
Sheffield, 20th. May, | 1843.'

English dramatist (1784-1862). One page, octavo. Ruckled, and with several closed tears. Reply to request for autograph. Reads 'Dear Sir, | Here it is. | Yours truly, | James Sheridan Knowles.'

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