[ Seymour Aubrey Papert, MIT mathematician and computer scientist. ] Typed scientific paper in French: 'Sur les treillis des ouverts et les paratopologies | par Mrs Dona Papert et Seymour Papert'.

Seymour Aubrey Papert (b.1928), MIT mathematician and computer scientist, pioneer of artificial intelligence, inventor of Logo Programming System [ Dona Papert Strauss; Charles Ehresmann (1905-1979) ]
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'Faculté des Sciences de Paris | Séminaire de Topologie et de Géométrie Différentielle (C. Ehresmann) | Année 1957 / 58.'

Papert has been described by by Marvin Minsky as 'the greatest living mathematics educator'. At the time of this paper he was studying for a PhD at Cambridge University and living in London, where he was a leading figure in the revolutionary socialist circle centred on the magazine 'Socialist Review'. 9pp., 8vo. On nine leaves stapled together. In fair condition, aged and worn, with creasing to last couple of leaves. Divided into three parts: '1. Propriétés des treillis des ouverts et représentation des treillis comme treillis d'ouverts; | 2.

[Ralph Straus.] Typed Letter Signed to the theatrical historian and bookseller Ifan Kyrle Fletcher, discussing, with biographical information, playbills associated with George Augustus Sala he requires. With Typed Note Signed and Typed Card Signed.

Ralph Straus (1882-1950), author and literary biographer [George Augustus Sala (1828-1895), journalist; Ifan Kyrle Fletcher (d.1964), theatrical historian and bookseller]
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The letter and note both on letterheads of Ralph Straus, The Tanyard, Shorne, Nr. Gravesend; 6 January 1939 and 8 January 1945. The card from the Tanyard; 7 January 1945.

All three items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. All signed 'Ralph Straus'. ONE: TLS. 6 January 1939. 1p., 8vo. After expressing his willingness to have 'the programme of Wat Tyler and the Bil of Madame Sala for 1827', he expresses his desire to acquire playbills 'of Sala's grandfather, in a King's Theatre ballet 1776 onwards - particularly if it gives his Christian name of Claudio. I know of one in Jan. 1788.

Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'G. L. M. Strauss') to Edward Draper.

Gustave Louis Maurice Strauss (c.1807-1887), Anglo-Canadian writer and journalist, nicknamed 'The Old Bohemian' [James Robinson Planché [Planche] (1796–1880), playwright and herald]
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1878, 1880 and 1885.

Letter One (12mo, 1 p; on creased, aged paper with closed tear at head): date (1878) illegible, on letterhead of the 'Office of "Tinsleys' Magazine," | 8, Catherine Street, Strand, W.C.' A most unusual way of declining an invitation. He thanks Draper for his kindness and is 'truly grieved' that he 'cannot come to-day - I gave my boots a holiday yesterday, which they want to pass with a worthy cobbler.

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