[ Chad Varah; Samaritans ] Telephone Masturbators and the "Brenda" System of befriending them. ['Samaritan Handbook No. 2 by Chad Varah']

Chad Varah [The Samaritans; Befrienders International; The Mithras Charitable Trust; masturbation; nuisance calls]
Publication details: 
Published by Befrienders International | St. Stephen Walbrook | London EC4N 8BN. [Printed by Joseph Wones Limited, London NW10 7XU.] [1976]

128pp., 8vo. Substantial stapled pamphlet. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. A seminal work in the field of nuisance calling. The cover carries an incongruous photograph of an attractive young woman looking determinedly upwards; on the back cover are copies of six relevant cartoons (i.e. attractive young woman to man in bed with her: '”You'll have to go now, Harry. I'm expecting an obscene phone call.”').

[ Shelford Bidwell, physicist and inventor whose 'telephotography' was a precursor to the modern fax. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr. Henslow', requesting a 'distant room' for a demonstration of 'an experimental telephone'.

Shelford Bidwell (1848-1909, English physicist and inventor whose 'telephotography' was a precursor to the modern fax
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On letterhead of Riverside Lodge, Wandsworth. 27 November 1883.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. He thanks him for his note, adding: 'I think perhaps it will be better to clear the platform as the apparatus will then be more easily seen. I should be glad if possible to have the use of a distant room in the building to which I could run an experimental telephone wire. The room may of course be a very small one.'

[ Vietnam War ] Telephone Directory. 'Prepared By Ist Signal Brigade April 1969 Official'.

[ Vietnam War ] United States Government Agencies Vietnam
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Pp, xxviii.222, printed yellow/green paper wraps, stapled as issued (not bound), covers sl. soiled, mainly good condition. Inside front cover, an Index listing instructions for various types of call (long distance, emergency, etc) and major sections of numbers (inc. US Government Agencies and Military Units). Comntents inc. dialling instructions, emergency call instructions, "organisational listings", switchboard abbreviations, etc etc., listings cover whole range of massive US involvement in Vietnam, from advisory groups to air bases to naval forces to "force logistic" to "non-military".

[Edith Emerson, dau. Emerson; autograph-collecting ] Autograph Letter Signed "Edith Emerson Forbes", to a "Mr. Thorndike".

Edith Emerson Forbes, daughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Publication details: 
[ Printed heading ] Milton Hall, 28 June 1899.

Four pages, 12mo, in large readable hand, bifolium, fold marks, otherwise good condition. "I return the papers you were so kind to lend me and let me keep to show to my travellrs.

[Printed magazine of British telephone exchange operator training centres.] Training Tribune. Finis Coronat Opus.

[E. H. Burt (British government telephone manager), editor 'Training Tribune' [A. D. Hall; N. Temme; B. E. Harrop; B. A. Hulbert; G. Pickett; W. A. Coleman; exchange; operator; telephonist]
Publication details: 
[No. 2.] 'Oct. 1953 Telephone Branch Training Division'.

11pp., 12mo. Duplicated. Stapled. In card wraps printed in black and red, with the motto 'Finis Coronat Opus' within a shield on the cover. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight staining at head of gutter, and rusted staples. Features include: a full-page poem titled 'Continental Dirge' by 'Mrs. Laurence East | Trainee'; 'Chit Chat | London Wall Reception Centre' by Hall; 'Trunk Training Centre (Throgmorton Avenue)' by Temme; 'Temple Bar Training Centre' by Harrop; 'Kensington Training Centre' by Hulbert; 'Cornwall House Training Centre' by Pickett; 'Govt. P.B.X. and D.Q.

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