[ Bruce Kinloch; wildlife conservation ] [Airmail letter] Autograph Letter Signed "Bruce" [docketed "From Bruce Kinloch"] to Hjalmer Thesen of Thesen Industries (S.A.), about the death of "Afstand" (an elephant) and the fate of his tusks.

Bruce Kinloch [ (1919 – 2011), British army officer, wildlife conservation leader and author
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c/o Department of Forestry & Games, P.O. Box 182, Zomba, Malawi, Central Africa, 31 August 1971.

Airmail letter, one and a half pages of text, 4to,fold mark, good condition. Kinloch thanks Hjalmer for informing him of the death of "Afstand", an elephant ("astounded by the story"), hoping "the full truth will 'out' at the final trial". He tries to clarify some facts, asking questions about where the tusks were found, had they been sawn off, was the job "professional" (sawn off length), with other technical points.

[Richard Kearton, pioneer wildlife photographer; plus ANS] Printed advertisement w. list of works and fourteen photographs, carrying Autograph Note Signed ('R. Kearton'), directing the admittance of 'bearer and friend' to 'my lecture | Muswell Hill'.

Richard Kearton (1862-1928), naturalist and pioneer wildlife photographer with his brother Cherry Kearton (1871-1940)
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Advertisement undated. Kearton's note dated 15 January 1906.

Printed in black ink on both sides of a 26 x 30 cm piece of thick shiny art paper. Worn and folded twice. One side carries a priced list of eleven 'Natural History Works by R. KEARTON, F.Z.S.

Autograph Signatures of Sir Henry Seton-Karr and Heywood Walter Seton-Karr.

Sir Henry Seton-Karr (1853-1914), explorer, big game hunter and Conservative Member of Parliament for St Helens; Heywood Walter Seton-Karr (1859-1938), soldier and game hunter
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H. W. Seton-Karr's signature dated 2 June 1927.

H. W. Seton-Karr's signature on a piece of card, roughly 9 x 11 cm, neatly cut with rounded edges. Reads 'Heywood Walter | Seton-Karr | June 2nd. 1927'. Neatly laid down beneath this is a thin printed strip reading 'Capt. H. W. SETON-KARR, F.R.G.S. (Explorer and Big Game Hunter), on "Investigations."' Sir Henry Seton-Karr's signature ('H. Seton-Karr.') on slip of paper, roughly 2 x 9.5 cm, laid down at head of card, on which is written, above H. W. Seton-Karr's signature, '(Sir Henry Seton-Karr MP)'. In good condition, on lightly aged paper.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

[BIG GAME HUNTING] Sir Edmund Lechmere, 4th Baronet
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No date (but docketed 'Letter of Mch 30' [1928]); on blindstamped letterhead 'Flat 2, | 45, Braham Gardens, | S. W. 5.'

2 pages, 16mo. Somewhat grubby and creased, and obtrusively docketed in ink, with the phrase 'Sent off | 10th 28' written across the text on the recto. Reads 'Dear Sir, | You hoped to return my book (album) last week but no doubt the holidays interfered. I am just sending a line to say I am leaving Town for the Country for the summer early on Monday next so hope it may be returned this week | Yours sincy | E Lechmere'.

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