Itemised manuscript account of 'Mr. Alexr. J. Murray's Charges in relation to the Sale to Mr. Hanbury of 1/18th. Share in "Vanity Fair"'.

Alexander J. Murray, solicitor, 1 Clement's Inn, London [Hanbury; Thomas Gibson Bowles (1841-1922), editor of the London society magazine 'Vanity Fair', founded by him in 1868]
Publication details: 
Entries dating from 1 November 1881 to 1 July 1882. Document carrying tax stamp postmarked 14 March 1883.

5pp., foolscap 8vo. Attached with green ribbon. The sale was a protracted affair, and the detailed nature of these accounts may be due to Murray's desire to justify his charges of £22 1s 6d. The first entry reads: '1881 | Novr. 1st. Attending Mr. Bowles on his calling and receiving his instructions to act for all parties in the Sale of 1/18th. Share in "Vanity Fair" and General Roberts Executors would call and hand me the necessary papers [6s 8d]'. Other entries include 'Novr. 28th [1881] Writing Mr. Bowles that the Deed would be ready for his signature tomorrow morning [5s]', 'Jany.

Two Autograph Letters Signed and first leaf of Autograph Letter; all three items to Sir Henry [Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts].

Edward North Buxton [BIG GAME HUNTING]
Publication details: 
29 April and 2 May 1901, 8 May [1901]; all three items on letterhead 'KNIGHTON, | BUCKHURST HILL.'

Politician and director of Trueman, Hanbury, Buxton and Co. (1840-1924), whose entry in 'Who's who' describes his 'Recreations' as 'a keen follower of big game in four continents'. All three items 12mo and very good. The first two items on cream paper and bearing the Society's stamp; the last item on grey paper and docketed. First and last item signed 'E N Buxton'. ITEM ONE (two pages) addressed to 'Sir Trueman' [sic]: 'I have not forgotten that you asked me how my films stood the Climate & if I got any decent results in the Soudan'. Offers to show Wood 'a few' at the Athenaeum.

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