[Lord Gambier, Admiral of the Fleet.] Manuscript designs of heraldic achievements (coats of arms), made by a signwriter for display at his funeral.

[Admiral Lord Gambier [James Gambier, 1st Baron Gambier (1756-1833), Admiral of the Fleet, Royal Navy officer in American Revolutionary War and French Revolutionary Wars and Glorious First of June]
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'April 22nd.' [1832].

An interesting and unusual survival, casting light on funerary practice in Georgian London. In black ink on 37 x 15 cm piece of watermarked laid paper, clearly cut from the working ledger of the signwriter responsible for the display at Gambier's funeral. Two excellent drawings, marked up with notes for colours, as a guide for the painting process.

[Richard Curzon, 4th Earl Howe, to marine artist W. L. Wyllie.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Howe.'), regarding a luncheon in Portsmouth by 'the Admiral' in celebration of the anniversary of the Glorious First of June, and restoration of HMS Victory..

Earl Howe [Richard George Penn Curzon, 4th Earl Howe] (1861-1929), Conservative politician [William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931), distinguished English marine artist; the Glorious First of June]
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On letterhead of 34 Curzon Street, W. [London] 24 May 1923.

2pp., 12mo. Mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged, with pinhole to one corner. Addressed to 'Dear Mr.

Map headed 'Position of the Fleet at Spithead on the 28th. June 1902.'

Sir William James Lloyd Wharton (1843-1905), hydrographer [Naval Review by King Edward VII at Spithead, 28 June 1902; Royal Navy; Fleet Review]
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London. Published at the Admiralty, 13th. June 1902, under the Superintendence of Rear Admiral Sir W. J. L. Wharton, K.C.B.: F.R.S.: Hydrographer. Sold by J.D. Potter. Agent for the sale of Admiralty Charts, 145 Minories.

In light blue, light brown and black on one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 38 x 56 cm. Good: lightly creased and with a little wear at foot. Folded three times. 'Corrections 14th. June' in bottom left-hand corner, and 'Malby & Sons, Lith.' in bottom right-hand corner. Faintly stamped on border at foot 'CHARPENTIER | PORTSMOUTH'. COPAC lists one copy (National Library of Scotland).

Autograph Letter to Lord Radstock.

Alan Gardner, 1st Baron Gardner of Uttoxeter (1742-1808), English admiral and Member of Parliament for Plymouth [William Waldegrave (1753-1825), 1st Baron Radstock]
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19 April 1808; Lupton House.

8vo (23.5 x 18.5), 2 pp. Signature cut away, resulting in loss of 3.5 x 10 cm rectangle from corner at bottom and affecting four lines of text on recto. Otherwise good, on lightly aged paper with thin strip from brown paper mount adhering to inner margin on reverse. 37 lines of text (four with loss). An interesting letter written during his final illness. He begins by confirming the report which has reached the recipient of Gardner's 'having been very seriously indisposed'.

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