Autograph Letter Signed ('A W Kinglake.') from the historian and travel writer Alexander William Kinglake [A. W. Kinglake] to an unnamed recipient.

Alexander William Kinglake (1809-1891), historian and travel writer, author of 'Eothen' and 'The Invasion of the Crimea', Liberal Member of Parliament for Bridgwater.
Publication details: 
On House of Commons letterhead. 16 March 1864.

1p., 12mo. 8 lines. On aged paper with a small hole (not affecting text) and pin marks. He thanks him for his 'kind thought' in sending 'the Danish Images', adding: 'I assure you the present was a very welcome one to me.'

Three Autograph Letters Signed (all three 'W. Elwin') to historian Alexander William Kinglake (1809-1891).

Whitwell Elwin (1816-1900), English journalist, editor of the 'Quarterly Review'
Publication details: 
1875, 1883, 1887; all three from Booton Rectory, Norwich.

All three letters 12mo, and closely written. All three with rusted pinholes at head. A valuable correspondence, in which one of Victorian England's leading critics describes his response to the work of one of the age's foremost historians. LETTER ONE (1 page, 26 lines, good): He thanks Kinglake for sending his 'new volume' [of 'The Invasion of the Crimea']. 'I am reading it with great delight. The work to me is unique both in military & literary history.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Alexander William Kinglake
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

English historian of the Crimean War (1809-91). On piece of paper roughly 4 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches. In very good condition. Remains of mounts adhering to blank verso. Reads '<...> be of use in making the collection. | I have the honour to be | Sirs | faithfully yours | A W Kinglake.'

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