[ The King's School, Canterbury. ] 18 items from scholar Antony W. Budgen, including 4 amateur dramatic programmes with some cast signatures, 4 family photographs, invitation card and 6 press photographs of Queen Mother's opening of Great Hall.

The King's School, Canterbury, Kent; Antony W. Budgen, son of Rev. H. W. Budgen, Rector of St Peter and St Paul, Charlton
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The King's School, Canterbury, Kent. Between 1955 and 1957.

The collection is in fair condition, with the photographs in good condition, and the other items showing some signs of age and wear. The four printed programmes are all bifoliums. ONE: Programme for a School House and Galpin's performance of R. F. Delderfield's 'Worm's Eye View', 12 March 1955. Signed by sixteen members of the cast, including Budgen. TWO: Programme for a King's School Players performance of Romeo and Juliet, 16 to 23 July 1955. Signed by five members of the cast.

Nine hand-coloured lithographic prints from the panoramic series 'The Grand Procession of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, accompanied by the Civic Authorities, to the Opening of the Royal Exchange, on Monday, October 28th, 1844.'

[Procession to the Opening of the Royal Exchange, London, by Queen Victoria, 28 October 1844; hand-coloured lithographic panoramic print; panorama]
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[London: Relfe & Fletcher, 1844.]

Hand-coloured lithographic prints. Nine panels, each roughly 10 x 18cm, attached to make one accordion-folded strip. In fair condition, aged and worn, with three blank panels inserted in the strip to fill up gaps. Captions along the foot read: '12 Members of the Common Council in their Mazarine Gowns', 'The Sheriffs', 'Aldermens Carriages', 'The Queen's Household', 'Royal Footmen', 'Life Guards Police Officers'. The last panel shows the head of the procession arriving at the new building. The set of prints was sold by the publishers in a blue cloth folder, with title leaf.

1910 manuscript diary of the purser of, first, HMS Cornwall (with much golf played) and, second, SS Balmoral Castle, describing the Duke of Connaught's voyage to the Union of South Africa, to open its first Parliament on behalf of King George V.

[Purser's diary, Royal Navy Armoured Cruiser HMS Cornwall and SS Balmoral Castle; Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn; opening of first Parliament of the Union of South Africa, 1910; golf]
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19 January to 28 December 1910.

99pp., in 'Army & Navy Octavo Scribbling Diary (with a week on an opening) for 1910'. Good, on aged paper, in worn boards, with some preliminary leaves torn out, and a few childish scrawls by Irene and Pauline Knott (grandchildren of the author?) at beginning and end (not affecting text) . The author is intelligent and well-educated, pious and with a keen interest in sport, but there are few clues regarding his identity: his family is from Staines, and he trained at the Royal Naval College, Osborne. The itineraries of the two ships mentioned in this diary are as follows.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Wilfrid Lawson') to 'Mr. Hudson', with reference to Sunday observance.

Sir Wilfrid Lawson of Brayton (1829-1906), British Liberal politician and temperance campaigner
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14 March 1900; 135 Sloane Street, SW.

12mo, 4 pp. Text clear and complete. In fair condition, worn and a little grubby. He thanks him for having 'written so fully'. He will 'wait for a day or two ere looking far', as he is 'rather exercised in my mind on one or two parts'. 'I remember - or try to remember - this injunction - 'do nothing rashly'. He is sending 'some lines' by 'Sir John Kenaway - a sound old evangelical Tory', 'in favor of Sunday closing in Monmouthshire'.

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