[Rolando Pieraccini, Italian sculptor, author and publisher ('Eurographica').] 43 Typed Letters Signed to playwright Christopher Fry, regarding the publication of signed limited editions of his works.

Rolando Pieraccini [Roland Pieraccini], Italian sculptor and publisher ('Eurographica'), settled in Finland [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
Publication details: 
Earlier letters on letterheads of his Helsinki publishing house Eurographica; later letters on his personal Helsinki letterhead. Between 1984 and 1996.

43 letters in 8vo and 12mo, making a total of 44 pp. Signed 'Rolando Pieraccini' and (latterly) 'Rolando'. Thirteen of the letters (1984-1986; all 8vo) on 'Eurographica' letterhead, the others (1986-1996; 27 in 12mo and 3 in 8vo) on Pieraccini's personal letterhead. Also present is a carbon copy of a two-page letter from Pieraccini to Penny Eckley of Oxford University Press, regarding copyright matters. The collection in good condition, lightly-aged.

[Printed periodical.] 'Special Norway Number' of 'Social Credit | A Journal of Economic Democracy | The Official Organ of the Social Credit Secretariat', with articles by Major C. H. Douglas, Maurice Colbourne and Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury.

The Social Credit Secretariat, London [ Major C. H. Douglas [ Major Clifford Hugh Douglas ] (1879-1952); Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury; Maurice Colbourne ]
Publication details: 
17 May 1935 (Vol. 2. No. 14.). The Social Credit Secretariat, 8-9 Essex Street, London, W.C.2. Printed by The Blackfriars Press, Ltd.

16pp., folio, paginated 217-232. In fair condition, on aged and lightly creased paper. The front page is devoted to the article National Dividends are Necessary Says The Very Rev. Dr. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury'. Pp.221-222 carry the article (with photograph of author and graph) 'The Causes of War | Is Our Money System to Blame? | By Major C. H. Douglas; and the back page carries 'Kings and Kingship | By Maurice Colbourne | (Author of "Economic Nationalism.")'. There are several items of Scandinavian interest: 'A Norwegian Pioneer - By Eric S.

[ Joakim Frederik Schouw, Danish botanist and politician. ] Autograph Signature, with biographical note in French and crude portrait.

Joakim Frederik Schouw (1789-1852), Danish lawyer, botanist and politician
Publication details: 
Without place or date [ early nineteenth-century ].

On an irregular slip of paper, laid down on a landscape 12mo leaf. In very good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Beneath Schouw's signature, in an early nineteenth-century hand: 'Joachim Frédéric Schouw, célèbre botaniste, président de la chambre des députés, né 1789.' To the right of the signature and inscription is a simple line portrait of Schouw's head and shoulders, in the same hand as the French inscription.

[Frederick York Powell, historian and folklorist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Frck York Powell') to an unnamed recipient, regarding Samuel Laing's 'Sea Kings of Norway', a 'final settlement of terms' and 'complete program of work'

Frederick York Powell (1850-1904), Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Oxford
Publication details: 
Christ Church, Oxford, on cancelled letterhead of the Reading School. 7 July 1888.

1p., 12mo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Headed: 're Laing's Sea Kings of Norway'. In an attractive and distinctive hand, he writes: 'Dear Sir / I am quit of my Examn. work at Oxford and propose to call on you with reference to final settlement of terms on Friday morning next. I shall bring with me complete program of work etc | I am yours faithfully | Frck York Powell'.

Four long Autograph Letters Signed from Paul Bing of Vancouver, Canada, to his brother Jens Bing (in Sweden?), giving detailed and scientific advice on farming from a Canadian and American viewpoint. With Autograph Letter Signed from a third brother.

Paul Bing of Vancouver, Canada [North American agriculture; farming; Jens Bing; Sweden; Swedish; Scandinavian]
Publication details: 
One of the letters without place, the other three from Vancouver, Canada, two of them addressed from 4194 West 11th Avenue. 25 July, 24 September and 3 and 11 October 1944.

The four letters total 76pp., 4to. In very good condition, neatly written on lightly-aged paper. All signed 'Paul' (two preceded by 'Your old brother'). Three of the letters are addressed to 'My dear Jens' and the other 'Skål, Frater Amantissime!' The second letter is addressed from 'The Bing House in which live Lyn Bing and Porg [sic] Bing, Vancouver, Canada'. Bing refers to the four letter as 'the 5th. of the Epistles', indicating that one is missing from the sequence.

Long telegram to the British Legation in Reykjavik [from the Home Office in Whitehall] instructing them on position to take with the press depending on the result of the impending 'GERMAN AIROFFENSIVE CONTRABRITAIN' [i.e. the Blitz].

[The British Legation, Reykjavik, Iceland; Icelandic; The Blitz, 1940; Rev. Dr John Charles Fulton Hood (1884-1964), editor of 'The Midnight Sun' newspaper]
Publication details: 
On 'Landssimi Islands' telegram form. From London to 'PRODROME REYKJAVIK' on 19 August 1940.

From the papers of Rev. J. C. Fulton Hood who, having been Chief Chaplain British Forces in Norway in 1940, worked in Iceland between 1940 and 1941. A pencil note on the telegram (see below) refers to 'The Midnight Sun', the troops’ newspaper in Norway and Iceland which Hood founded and edited. He was made a Knight of the Icelandic Order of the Falcon in 1949. The telegram is in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, and bears an oval blue 'LANDSSIMINN' stamp. It is headed 'PRESSE PRODROME REYKJAVIK' ('Prodrome, Reykjavik' being the British Icelandic Legation's telegraph address).

Eight Typed Letters Signed from Axel Munthe, author of 'The Story of San Michele', written in a charming and entertaining style to his young friend 'Miss Judith' - Judith Masefield, daughter of the English poet laureate John Masefield.

Axel Munthe [Axel Martin Fredrik Munthe] (1857-1949), Swedish physician and author of 'The Story of San Michele' [Judith Masefield (1904-1988), daughter of the Poet Laureate John Masefield]
Publication details: 
Written from Italy and London in 1930 and (perhaps) 1931.

'The Story of San Michele' is one of the most popular works of the twentieth century, and this delightful correspondence bears ample testimony to the extraordinary allure of its author. The eight letters are entirely legible, in fair condition on aged paper. They total 3 pp in folio, and 8 pp in 4to. The sequence is tentative, none of the letters giving the year. The numerous errors, in large part due to Munthe's growing blindness, are largely unnoticed in the following transcripts. Letter One (2 pp, 4to). 'Rome Villa Svezia Via Aldrovandi 27 Feb 8 [1930]'.

Autograph Letter Signed (Chas. C. Rafn.') from the Danish antiquary Charles Christian Rafn to the Principal Librarian at the British Museum, Sir Henry Ellis.

Professor Charles Christian Rafn (1795-1864), secretary of the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries at Copenhagen [Sir Henry Ellis (1777-1869), Principal Librarian, British Museum, 1827-56]
Professor Charles Christian Rafn, ALS
Publication details: 
Copenhagen; 24 October 1850.
Professor Charles Christian Rafn, ALS

8vo, 3 pp. Bifolium. The letter, on both sides of the first leaf, runs to thirty-seven lines, with nine lines in Icelandic (in another hand?) on the recto of the second page. Fair, on aged paper, and laid down onto a mount by the reverse of the second leaf. The mount is captioned in a contemporary hand. The first part of the letter refers to a facsimile which Ellis has 'caused to be executed and transmitted hither'. Rafn has already received this 'from Mr. Worsaae'. It contains 'an extract possessing interest for us of Ottar's and Ulfstein's account of travels in the North'.

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