[Edward William Cox (‘Serjeant Cox’), lawyer and publisher.] Autograph Letter Signed to ‘Rev P Tuckwell’ (in fact the ‘radical parson’ William Tuckwell), regarding his education at the College School, Taunton, and future plans.

Edward William Cox (1809-1879), ‘Serjeant Cox’, lawyer and publisher [William Tuckwell (1829-1919), ‘radical parson’ and headmaster of the College School, Taunton]
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9 February 1865; 1 Essex Court, Temple [London].

See the entries for Cox and Tuckwell in the Oxford DNB. 4pp, 12mo. On bifolium blind-stamped with the device of the Conservative Club. Addressed to ‘Rev P [sic] Tuckwell / College School / Taunton’, and signed ‘Edwd Wm Cox’. In good condition, on aged paper. Folded twice for postage. He begins: ‘Dr Sir / It gives me very great pleasure to aid the fund of the College School. After its long hybernation 43 years ago, I was the first pupil received on its revival. & within its walls I obtained the larger portion of my education, following the then master, (Rev H Forster) to Oxford.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Matt H Bloxam') to Reginald H Pope, Standlake Rectory, Witney, Oxfordshire.

Matthew Holbeche Bloxam (1805-1888), architectural historian [Rugby School]
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17 May 1887; Rugby.

12mo, 2 pp. Very good. Several of the letters of congratulation he received on his birthday were from 'old Rugbeians', and Pope's was 'one of the first'. He has been 'invited by the President and Council of the Royal Archaeological Institute to be President of one of the Sections at their meeting this year at Salisbury but age and infirmity have obliged me to decline'. Although 'not under the Doctor's hands' he feels he is 'going down hill apace'. The previous Tuesday 10 boys from Rugby 'came in to partake of Cake Gingerbreads and fruit 9 of whom were from your old boarding house now Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed to Rosa Tuckwell [nee Strong, b.1829/30], wife of William Tuckwell (1829-1919).

Mary Campbell [AUTOGRAPHS; Sir Joshua Reynolds; Rev. William Tuckwell]
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No date [but between 1858 and 1878]; Wheatleigh.

Four pages, 12mo. Very good on lightly aged paper. She apologises for only sending 'two words of Sir Joshua Reynolds' writing', and hopes she may some day 'succeed in getting a more valuable autograph'. It was given to her 'by a great niece' of the artist, 'and was cut out of a manuscript of some work on Engravings, which he had prepared for the press'. They are glad to hear of Tuckwell's 1878 'appointment to the living of Stockton': 'I trust many years of rest and happiness are in store for you in that quiet retreat'.

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