[Printed Spanish Civil War handbill.] Spanish Youth Foodship Committee. (Incorporating Youth Organisations throughout the Country. Please Help Feed the Starving in Spain [...].

The Ealing Youth Group, League of Nation Union; The Challernam Perss, 110, Gauden Road, S.W.4. [Spanish Civil War]
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The Challernam Press, 110, Gauden Road, S.W.4. 'To be collected on Saturday, 24th, April. [1937.]

Printed on one side of an 18.5 x 12.5cm. piece of paper. In fair condition, on aged and creased paper. Reads in full: 'SPANISH YOUTH | FOODSHIP COMMITTEE | (INCORPORATING YOUTH ORGANISATIONS THROUGHOUT | THE COUNTRY) | Please Help Feed the Starving in Spain | The need is | URGENT | YOU| can help with gifts of non- | perishable groceries etc. | (POTATOES, TINNED FOODS, ETC.) | TO BE COLLECTED | on Saturday, 24th, April. | BY MEMBERS OF THE EALING YOUTH GROUP | LEAGUE OF NATIONS UNION | THE CHALLERNAM PRESS, 110, GAUDEN ROAD, S.W.1.' Scarce: no copy on COPAC, and nothing by the Challernam Press.

Mimeographed typed list of amendments to the articles of the Dar es Salaam Club, with proxy voting slip and amendment slip

Dar es Salaam Club, Tanzania [Forodhani Hotel Training Institute; Court of Appeal building; Evelyn Waugh; Tanganyika]
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[Forodhani Hotel Training Institute, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.] Undated.

In fair condition, on aged and creased paper. Comprising seven folio pages, each in two columns: 'Existing Articles' on the left, and 'Proposed Amended Articles' on the right. These seven pages are each on separate leaves, and all stapled to a proxy voting slip (not filled in) and an amendment slip. The Dar es Salaam Club, 'solidly built with much fine joinery in dark African timber and heavy brass fittings on doors and windows', was housed in what became the Forodhani Hotel Training Institute building, Dar es Salaam.

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