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[ Printed item with ownership signature of John Carter. ] The Cardboard Court. Playing Cards Through History.

Frank N. Jones, Director, Peabody Institute Library [ Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore; John Carter [ John Waynflete Carter ] (1905-1975), diplomat and bookman ]
Publication details: 
'An Exhibition on the History of Playing Cards, Peabody Institute Library, Baltimore. 1 November - 31 December 1960.

42pp., 8vo. Duplicated stapled typescript, with text on rectos only. Not illustrated. Introduction by Jones, in which he explains that 'the list is arranged chronologically under the country of origin, plus special types of cards as, for example, transformation, etc. A selected bibliography has been included for those who may wish to go into these matters more extensively.' A scholarly production, with 264 entries and four-page bibliography. Aged and worn, with printed card cover (on which a playing card has been laid down as part of design) detached and chipped.

[ Offprint, inscribed by author Irving Ribner of Tulane University. ] 'Marlowe's Edward II and the Tudor History Play'.

Irving Ribner of Tulane University [ Christopher Marlowe; John Hopkins University, Baltimore; A Journal of English Literary History, ]
Publication details: 
[ Baltimore, Maryland: John Hopkins University Press. ] 'Reprinted from ELH, A Journal of English Literary History, Vol. 22, No. 4, December, 1955.'

11pp., 8vo, paginated 243-253. Stapled. In good condition, lightly aged. Inscribed at head of first page: 'Very cordially, | Irving Ribner'. No copies of this offprint found on either WorldCat or COPAC.

Autograph Letter Signed ('H Niles') from Hezekiah Niles to an unnamed subscriber to his newspaper Niles' Register, complaining of the conduct of 'Mr Kollock', one of the agents who have caused all of Niles' 'difficulties of a pecuniary nature'.

Hezekiah Niles (1777-1839), proprietor and editor of the Baltimore Evening Post and Niles' Weekly [National] Register
Publication details: 
Baltimore; 3 October 1817.

1p., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with a small hole caused by the breaking of the seal, affecting one word of text. Niles acknowledges receipt of a 'very friendly letter'. 'My collector has returned, & you already had <?> for the 10$ to Sept. 1818'. Niles considers 'Mr Kollock's conduct, for a man of his standing, [...] very extraordinary - he has other monies of mine, besides the 5$ that you paid in his possession, which it does not suit his convenience to refund.

Autograph Letter Signed, Amédée de Willot [un comte et général de la Révolution française], to a British Admiral [Was Sidney Smith the only Admiral who could speak French?], hostile to democracy among other things.

Amédée de Willot, French General.
Autograph Letter Signed, Amédée de Willot [un comte et général de la Révolution
Publication details: 
Baltimore, [Maryland, USA], 29 October 1810.
Autograph Letter Signed, Amédée de Willot [un comte et général de la Révolution

Two pages, 4to, bifolium, fold marks, some discoloration, but text clear and complete. He takes the liberty of introducing "deux voyageurs,pour vous renouveller l'expression de ma reconnaissance: ce jour deux jeunes américains bien Elevés, fils des Colonel Howard [American Revolutionary hero and important in the development of Baltimore, etc] et [Sloan?] ... et ce qui est mieux de la consideration publique ils voyagent pour ... et désirent beaucoup de voir un héros de l'angleterre, c'est pourquoi j'ai pris la liberté de vous les adrèsser.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Ad. Tanquerey'), in French, to an unnamed cleric.

Adolphe Tanquerey (1854-1932), French theologian, Member of the Society of St Sulpice, and Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St Mary's Seminary, Baltimore
Publication details: 
25 July 1911; Blainville, Nauche.

12mo: 2 pp. Very good on lightly aged paper. 29 lines of text. He will not fail to make use of his correspondent's comments in a new edition. Discusses the section he is working on at present and proposes to send his correspondent an off print. He has ordered other off prints to be sent, in return for his correspondent's useful remarks. For a couple of months he will be at Blainville, 'sur le bord de la mer, ou je puis mieux travailler qu'a Paris, tout en prenant un peu de repos'. Docketed at foot of reverse, 'Theologian, Sulpicien'.

Autograph Note Signed ('J. M. Weston') to James Rees, with the latter's docketing addressed to 'F Powell'.

J. M. Weston, 'comedian', playwright and stage manager of the Charles Street Theatre, Baltimore [James Rees; F. Powell]
Publication details: 
[6 April 1847]; place not stated.

One page. On piece of paper roughly seven inches by three and a half wide. Bottom part of letter cut away. Reads 'Dr Sir | In compiance with your wish | I subscribe myself | truly yours | [signed] J. M. Weston | To/ | Jas. Reese Esq'. Docketed by Rees 'The above autograph is that of my friend J M Weston, Stage Manager of the St Charles Theatre - he is the Author of Several popular pieces, among which is the beautiful drama of Lucretia Borgia'. Dated in another hand on reverse. Not much appears to be known about Weston, whose translation of Victor Hugo's play was first published in 1850.

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