[Sir Digby Wyatt, Slade Professor at Cambridge.] Five Autograph Letters Signed (all 'M. Digby Wyatt') to Peter Le Neve Foster, Secretary, Society of Arts, the first two regarding his paper on the Staffordshire potter Herbert Minton.

Sir Digby Wyatt [Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt] (1820-1877), architect, Slade Professor of Fine Art at Cambridge [Peter Le Neve Foster (1809-1879), Secretary, Society of Arts, London; Herbert Minton]]
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First three from 54 Guildford Street, London: 'Saty.' [22 May 1858], 27 May 1858 and 19 June 1858. Fourth on letterhead of 37 Tavistock Place, Russell Square, W.C.: 5 December 1863. Fifth: 15 October 1871.

The influential potter Herbert Minton (1793-1858), of the Staffordshire firm Thomas Minton and Sons, had died on 1 April 1858. A couple of months later, on 26 May 1858, Wyatt read before the Society of Arts his paper 'On the Influence exercised on Ceramic Manufactures by the late Mr. Herbert Minton'. The first four letters carry the stamp of the Society of Arts. All five items in good condition, lightly aged. The first two 1p., 12mo; the third 2pp., 12mo. The fourt 3pp., 12mo. The fifth 1p, landscape 12mo. ONE ('Saty'): Reads: 'I have selected at Phillip's (Chamberlaine's) in Bond St.

[ William Chaffers and Eliza Meteyard, authorities on pottery. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'W. Chaffers') from Chaffers to Meteyard, the first on her forthcoming biography of Josiah Wedgwood, the second on 'the Wedgwood vase' of 'Mr Avery'.

William Chaffers (1811-1842), authority on hallmarks and potters' marks [ Eliza Meteyard (1816-1879), writer, advocate of women's rights and biographer of Josiah Wedgwood; Rev. William Avery ]
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The first letter from 19 Fitzroy Square [ London ], 1 March 1865; the second letter on letterhead of same address, 16 February 1868.

See the entries on both parties in the Oxford DNB. Both letters in good condition, lightly aged. Each with a different monogram letterhead, the second also with printed address. ONE: 1 March 1865. 2pp., 12mo. With an eye to the two-volume biography of Josiah Wedgwood which Meteyard would publish later in the year, Chaffers writes that '[s]ome time since' he saw, while 'visiting a gentleman at Manchester […] some correspondence from Wedgwood to his Grandfather', and he now thinks 'they might serve to add a link to the Chain of his history which you are now engaged upon'.

White ceramic tile with printed black and white reproduction of Paul Delaroche's painting of Napoleon Bonaparte seated at Fontainebleau

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Without date or place. [Italy? 1890s?]

Dimensions of tile 16 x 12 cm. Dimensions of print 14 x 10.5 cm. The photographic image has been reversed, with Napoleon's left hand draped over the chair. In good condition, with white label with word 'Napoleon' pasted to reverse. In remains of light-green card box.

Collection of the firm's estimates, invoices and receipts, mainly addressed to Percy Young of Messrs. H. Young & Co. Ltd., Constructional Engineers, and concerning items for a 'House at Sheen' designed by the architect H. V. Milnes Emerson.

Doulton & Co. Limited, Manufacturers of Sanitary Equipment, Lambeth [Royal Doulton Potteries; bathroom fixtures and fittings; Percy Young; H. V. Milnes Emerson]
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A collection of twenty-two items, with one printed envelope, all in good condition, and relating to a complex order to one of the United Kingdom's best-known business concerns. Interesting for the light it casts on the best business practice in the British building industry of the 1930s. Includes typed two-page foolscap estimate, dated 1 November 1930, initialed and on the firm's letterhead, addressed to H. V.

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