[Sir James George Frazer, Scottish anthropologist and folklorist, author of 'The Golden Bough'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. G. Frazer') discussing 'the marriage rules of savages' and their 'aversion to inbreeding'.

Sir J. G. Frazer [Sir James George Frazer] (1854-1941), Scottish anthropologist and folklorist, author of 'The Golden Bough'
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No. 1 Bride Court, Temple, E.C. [London] 7 May 1918.

3pp, landscape 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip from stub of mount still adhering. The male recipient is not named. Thirty-five lines of closely and neatly written text.

[Sir James George Frazer, author of 'The Golden Bough'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. G. Frazer') to 'Mr. Wright', regarding difficulty getting copies of his obituary of Australian anthropologist Lorimer Fison from publisher Alfred Nutt.

Sir J. G. Frazer [Sir James George Frazer] (1854-1941), Scottish anthropologist, author of 'The Golden Bough' [Alfred Trübner Nutt (1856-1910); Lorimer Fison (1832-1907), Australian anthropologist]
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St Keyne's, Cambridge. 7 April 1910.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with two fold lines. Thin strip of stub from mount adhering to one edge. The subject of the letter is Frazer's obituary of 'the Rev. Lorimer Fison and Dr. A. W. Howitt' (their deaths being 'two heavy losses' suffered by 'Australian anthropology in particular'), published in Folklore, Vol. 20, No. 2 (Jun. 30, 1909), pp. 144-180. Frazer begins by thanking Wright 'for the copy of my article which you have succeeded in wringing from the clutches of young Mr Nutt', i.e. the publisher of 'Folklore' Alfred Nutt (himself a folklorist).

[ Sir James George Frazer, author of 'The Golden Bough': printed pamphlet. ] Questions on the Customs, Beliefs, and Languages of Savages. By J. G. Frazer, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

J. G. Frazer [ Sir James George Frazer (1854-1941)], Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, anthropologist and author of 'The Golden Bough'.
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Cambridge: at the University Press, 1907.

51 + [1]pp., 12mo. Stapled, in printed brown wraps. Internally in fair condition, on aged paper; in worn and spotted wraps. A six-page preface, dated 'Trinity College, Cambridge, | 26th July, 1907.', begins: 'Many years ago I printed and circulated privately a set of questions on the manners and customs of savages designed to elicit information on the subject from persons who live or travel among uncivilised races. The present set of questions is a revised and enlarged edition of that work.

Presentation copy of offprint of article: 'Divine Kingship in the Ancient Near East: A Review Article'.

Theodor H. Gaster [Theodor Herzl Gaster (1906-1992)], Anglo-American anthropologist, an authority in the field of comparative religion [Sir James Frazer]
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Copyright 1945 by Columbia University Press | Reprinted from THE REVIEW OF RELIGION March, 1945'.

8vo: 15 pp, paginated 267-281, In grey printed wraps. Inscribed by Gaster on front cover: 'With kindest regards | T. H. G.' Good, on lightly-aged paper, in grubby and lightly creased wraps.

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