[ University of Glasgow. ] Autograph examination paper on theme 'Does the Soul think always?', signed by author Robert Thomson ('Robertus Thomson') and tutor Prof. Robert Buchanan ('Rob. Buchanan'). With copy of printed question (from Isaac Watts).

Robert Buchanan (1785-1873), Professor of Logic and Rhetoric at the University of Glasgow, 1827-1864
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[ University of Glasgow. ] Dated by Buchanan: 21 March 1842.

Thomson's manuscript paper is 15pp., 4to, on eight leaves. The printed question (extracted from Isaac Watts's 'Philosophical Essays') is in small print on both sides of a single leaf. The nine leaves are stitched together and folded into a packet. The whole is aged and worn, with the inner margin of the question leaf (which has some ink annotations by Thomson) frayed and torn. Thomson's paper is titled 'Logical Theme. | Analysis. | Does the Soul think always?' It is signed at the end 'Robertus Thomson | Bench 20th.' Beneath the signature Buchanan has signed 'G<?> March 21. 1842 | Rob.

[Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey.] Autograph Letter Signed to Dr James Hunter, Professor of Logic, St Andrews, writing with great affection on his return from America.

Francis Jeffrey (1773-1850), Lord Jeffrey, editor of the 'Edinburgh Review' [Dr James Hunter (1745-1837), Professor of Logic at the University of St Andrews]
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Edinburgh. 12 March 1814.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. On aged paper unobtrusively repaired with archival tape. Addressed, with postmarks, on the reverse of the second leaf: 'To | Dr James Hunter | Professor of Logic | St Andrews'. He begins by complaining that he has 'only this day got rid of the end of the session - and of the review - and here - for the first time since my return - a morning to myself - and my friends'. He is happy to find himself 'at home again [...] Mrs J. suffered a great deal during the voyage', but has recovered. It will give them both great pleasure 'to see you here'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo. Combe') to Messrs Bell & Bain, Printers, Exchange Court [Glasgow].

George Combe (1788-1858), Scottish phrenologist
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20 April 1836; 81 Bath Street [Glasgow].

8vo, 1 p. Addressed by Combe on the reverse, to which his monogram seal in red wax (with his motto 'RES NON VERBA QUAESO') still adheres. In poor condition, on discoloured paper, with damage to a few words of text above the signature caused by clumsy removal from the mount, a part of which still adheres to the reverse. Repaired with archival tape. The letter presumably concerns 'Additional testimonials on behalf of George Combe, as a candidate for the chair of logic in the University of Edinburgh' (1836). It reads 'Gentlemen | Be so good as correct these proofs, make them up in 8vo.

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