[Patric Dickinson, poet and translator: 'my mind is full of new images & ideas'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Patric') to the playwright Christopher Fry ('Dear Kit'), written in affectionate terms, and covering a number of topics.

Patric Dickinson [Patric Thomas Dickinson] (1914-1994), poet and translator [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
Publication details: 
38 Church Square, Rye. 5 January 1984.

2pp, landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. With envelope addressed by Dickinson to Fry at his East Dean address. Thirty-eight lines of closely-written text. An affectionate letter, which begins with Dickinson exclaiming, following a seasonal phone call from Fry, 'There's no-one anywhere could have given me more pleasure, yes truly so. Bless you!' He describes the illness which made the 'making of the prog […] a bit fraught'. He reports that 'The recording was strange, Lawrence had never done an unscripted interview (nor had I) nor had the producer!

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