[‘Mademoiselle Rachel’ [Elisabeth Félix], celebrated French actress.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Rachel') to ‘Madame Goreau’, about getting the Comte de Noailles or Marquis of Normanby to help in getting fabrics for costumes to Paris from London.

‘Mademoiselle Rachel’ [Elisabeth Félix] (1821-1858), French actress of Jewish extraction, mistress of Napoleon III and others [Comte de Noailles; Marquis of Normanby]
Publication details: 
7 October 1847; no place [Paris?].

2pp, 12mo. On first leaf of bifolium. Folded three times. In fair good condition, lightly browned. 36 lines, sloping upwards and written in an untidy hand, which renders the following report somewhat tentative. Signed ‘Rachel’. In French. She has been so busy since the resumption of the ‘théâtre français’ that she is only now able to tackle the need to get her ‘étoffes’. She reports that the ‘Comte de Noailles’ is in London, and asks the recipient, who also appears to be there, to go again to the embassy to ask him to send by two or three packets what she needs to make ‘mes robes’.

[Sir William Rothenstein, artist.] Autograph Card Signed ('W. Rothenstein') to Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth, announcing that 'with some regret' he will be changing his name to 'W. Rutherston'.

Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945), painter, printmaker, draughtsman, lecturer, and writer on art [Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth (1886-1967)]
Publication details: 
'Sunday' [no date, but circa 1914]; card with letterhead of the Civic Arts Association, 28 Prince's Garden, London, S.W.

Twelve closely-written lines, on 8.5 x 11.5 cm card addressed by Rothenstein to 'The Hon. R Key-Shuttleworth | 28 Princes Garden | SW'., this being the same address as on the letterhead. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by discussing 'Mr Booth' and his offer concerning 'the second prize', before expressing a hope that she is 'not overtiring' herself.

Original photograph of the 'First group of boys for Canada from the Hampton Home' [the Hampton Training Home for boys], run by Joseph Merry and his wife Rachel Merry (sister of Annie Macpherson), with George Thom.

[The Hampton Training Home for boys [Hampton Home]; George Thom; Joseph Merry and his wife Rachel Merry (sister of Annie Macpherson [Annie Parlane Macpherson]); Home of Industry; Canadian emigration]
Publication details: 
Circa 1870.

Landscape photograph, 19.5 x 14.5 cm, laid down on a piece of thin card cut from an album, 18 x 21 cm. Around sixty boys are posed in four rows in front of a grand house, with two masters to the right and two to the left, and with a fifth in the centre of the group. The group are surprisingly fat-faced, posing sulkily in jackets, with some waistcoats and tam o'shanters. Five more boys look out of a downstairs window, three from an upstairs window, and one peeks out from behind the front door.

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