[ Rafael Kubelik, Czech-born conductor and composer. ] Autograph Signature.

Rafael Kubelik [ Rafael Jeroným Kubelík ] (1914-1996), Czech-born conductor and composer.
Publication details: 
Dated 25 October 1937.

Good firm large signature in blue ink on 13.5 x 18.5 cm leaf of cream paper torn from an album. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads 'Rafael Kubelik | 25.X.37.' No other writing on either side of the leaf.

Autograph Signature with a bar of musical notation.

Willy Hess (1859-1939), German violin virtuoso
Publication details: 
April 1892. Place not stated.

On one side of a piece of pink wove paper, roughly 19 x 15 cm. In poor condition, aged and ruckled, with several closed tears repaired on reverse with archival tape, and a hole (roughly 1 x 1.5 cm) through the musical notation, which heads the page and consists of a staff with grand clef and three notes of music. Beneath this: '[signature, underlined] Willy Hess | April 1892'.

Signed photograph.

Nicolai Malko (1883-1961), Russian conductor, latterly chief conductor in Australia with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Publication details: 

Dimensions of photograph roughly nine inches by seven wide. Aged, lightly creased and a little scuffed. Slight loss to bottom right-hand corner of border, not affecting image. A bespectacled Malko in a double-breasted pinstripe jacket, in the act of conducting, baton aloft, and with violinist in the background. Malko has written his inscription over his torso, beginning 'Cnacudo', and giving the date 1949.

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