[Dame Vera Lynn, 'the Forces' Sweetheart'.] Autograph Signature from album ('"Sincerely Yours" | Very Lynn').

Dame Vera Lynn [née Welch] (b. 1917), singer who entertained the British troops in the Second World War, known as 'the Forces' Sweetheart'
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Without place or date.

On one side of 9 x 14 cm leaf of cream paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Reads: "'Sincerely Yours' | Very Lynn". A good, firm underlined signature, in a large sloping hand, with the words 'Sincerely Yours' in single quotation marks.

One Signed Letter, in the hand of a secretary, four Typed Letter Signed and two Typed Notes Signed (all seven 'Fred Burridge') to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Frederick Vango Burridge [Frederick Burridge; Fred Burridge; Fred. V. Burridge] (1869-1945), Principal, Central School of Arts and Crafts, London [G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.]
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1917 (1), 1918 (4) and 1919 (2). All on letterhead of London County Council Central School of Arts and Crafts, Southampton Row, W.C. [London]

All seven items 4to, 1 p. Each docketed and bearing the stamp of the Royal Society of Arts. All good, on lightly-aged paper. The first is in a secretarial hand, with the other six all typed. Item One: 4 December 1917. He doesn't 'quite understand' from Menzies' letter what it is that he wants him to do. 'From what Mr.

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