[James Simpson, educationalist, phrenologist and friend of Sir Walter Scott.] Autograph Letter Signed to geologist William Hutton of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, writing enthusiastically about his lectures around England on non-sectarian popular education.

James Simpson (1781-1853), Scottish advocate, educationalist, phrenologist, friend of Sir Walter Scott [William Hutton (1797-1860), geologist; Sir Thomas Wyse; Professor Dionysius Lardne]
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Bath; 30 August 1836.

The background to this letter is explained in Simpson's entry in the Oxford DNB which states that he 'took a deep interest in the movement for better elementary education. He was one of the founders of the Edinburgh modern infant school, in which he attempted to solve the problem of religious education by allowing parents to select religious instructors themselves. Failing to receive adequate support, however, the school was ultimately sold to the kirk session of New Greyfriars. Simpson continued devoted to the cause of non-sectarian education, and lectured on the subject throughout Britain.

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