[ The English agricultural crisis of 1816, 'the year without a summer'. ] Corrected manuscript copy of letter from unnamed Irish landowner (peer?) to the future Sir Robert Bateson, describing the agricultural crisis affecting his English estates.

[ Sir Robert Bateson (1782-1863), Irish Conservative politician ] [ 1816, 'the year without a summer' ]
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Written from England. Note by author: 'Copy to Robt. Bateson Esq. | May 8th. 1816'.

2pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly-aged, folded into packet. 34 lines of text. He begins by expressing his pleasure on Bateson's 'kind attention in naming me one of the God Fathers to your little Boy' [the future Conservative MP Robert Bateson (1816-1843)]. He next turns to the agricultural crisis: 'The accot. you give me of the state of the North of Ireland is very distressing under these circumstances. I feel no inclination to witness it by visiting my Estate there this Summer.

[Printed conference papers.] International Women's Year 1975. Papers from three seminars on women: Development, Equality, Peace. [With circular letter from Chairman June Chabaku and others to T. N. H. Punt Janson, Deputy Minister for Bantu Education]

Judith Stiehm; Stella Sigcau; Lucy Mvubelo; Jane Raphaely; Fatima Meer; Deborah Mabiletsa; Beryl Mullins; Punt Janson [International Woman's Year 1975; University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg]
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Held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, August 1975. Circular letter from S.A. Centre for IWY., 607 Diakonia House, 80 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, 2001 Johannesburg, South Africa; 10 November 1975.

110pp., foolscap 8vo. Mimeographed 'copy of all the talks delivered at the series of Seminars held at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, on the 9th, 16th and 30th August, 1975'. In original blue printed card wraps. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Fifteen contributors: Marian Nell; Senator Anna Scheepers; Stella Sigcau, M.P.; Professor Lily Gerdes; Margaret Lessing; Nabawaya Wessels; Professor Catherine Smith; Lucy Mvubelo; Margaret Naidoo; Jane Raphaely; Professor Judith Stiehm; Joan Phillips; Beryl Mullins; Fatima Meer; Deborah Mabiletsa.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo. S. Hillard') from the Harvard lawyer George Stillman Hillard (later District Attorney for Massachusetts) to W. W. Greenough, written from Paris in the 'Year of Revolutions' 1848, analysing the political situation there.

George Stillman Hillard (1808-1879), Harvard-educated lawyer, writer on the law, United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts [William Whitwell Greenough (1818-1899), Boston merchant]
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Paris, France; 16 May 1848.

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. Ninety lines of text. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with small hole on second leaf causing damage to a few words of text. Addressed with two postmarks (one French, one American) on the reverse of the second leaf to 'William W. Whitwell Esq | Boston. Mass. | United States of America'. A significant letter, written from Paris by an astute and cultured American jurist on the day following the demonstration of 15 May 1848.

Five items relating to the appointment of Special Constables, 'in consequence of the unsettled state of the Metropolis', including a signed warrant appointing Cater a Special Constable, as 'a tumult or riot may be reasonably apprehended'.

William Charles Cater, hatter, 56 Pall Mall, London [Parish of St James, Westminster; Riot Act; Chartism; Chartists; 1848]
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The five items produced between March and June 1848. One of them printed by T. Brettell, Rupert Street, Haymarket.

A collection of items indicating the panic felt by the bourgeoisie around the time of the Great Chartism Meeting on Kennington Common, 10 April 1848. Items Two to Five are laid down on a piece of grey paper removed from a scrapbook. Item One: Printed warrant signed by two magistrates, appointing Cater a Special Constable, it appearing, 'upon the oath of a credible witness, that a tumult or riot may be reasonably apprehended'. On one side of a piece of laid paper roughly 320 x 210 mm. Watermarked 'W H FELLOWS 1847'.

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