[ Five English 'Golden Age' test cricketers. ] Autograph Signatures of Patsy Hendren, Phil Mead, Ernest Tyldesley, J. W. Hearne and Bill Hitch.

Patsy Hendren [ Elias Henry Hendren ]; Phil Mead [ Charles Phillip Mead ]; Ernest Tyldesley [ George Ernest Tyldesley ]; J. W. Hearne [ John William Hearne ]; Bill Hitch [ John William Hitch ]
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On reverse of cut-down printed scorecard for the Middlesex v. Rest of England match, Kennington Oval [ London ], 12 to 15 September 1921.

On 14 x 12.5 cm piece of card, with the cropped printed scorecard (completed in pencil in childish hand) on one side, and the autograph signatures on the otherwise-blank reverse. In good condition, lightly-aged. The five signatures are bold and strong in black ink, and read: 'P. Mead | Ed Tyldesley | E Hendren | J W Hearne | J W Hitch'.

[ Lawrence of Arabia and Eric Kennington. ] Typed Letter Signed from Lionel Curtis to R. R. Francis, a circular regarding Kennington's 'ghost portrait' of Lawrence, with TLS from John Johnson to Francis, regarding the collotype print of it.

Lionel Curtis [ Lionel George Curtis ] (1872-1955), writer; John Johnson [ John de Monins Johnson ] (1882-1956), Printer to University of Oxford [ T. E. Lawrence; Lawrence of Arabia; Eric Kennington ]
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Curtis's letter from Hales Croft, Kidlington, Oxford. 20 November 1935. Johnson's letter on letterhead of the University Press, Oxford. 15 July 1936.

Both items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: TLS from Curtis to Francis. 1p., folio. Signed 'L. Curtis'. A circular letter, with signature, date and name of recipient added. Curtis begins the letter: 'I am writing to ask whether you would care to acquire a replica of a portrait of Lawrence which has now come to be known as "the ghost portrait." Its history is as follows: In 1923 Eric Kennington made a portrait in pastel of Lawrence, who was then a fellow in residence at All Souls.

Five items relating to the appointment of Special Constables, 'in consequence of the unsettled state of the Metropolis', including a signed warrant appointing Cater a Special Constable, as 'a tumult or riot may be reasonably apprehended'.

William Charles Cater, hatter, 56 Pall Mall, London [Parish of St James, Westminster; Riot Act; Chartism; Chartists; 1848]
Publication details: 
The five items produced between March and June 1848. One of them printed by T. Brettell, Rupert Street, Haymarket.

A collection of items indicating the panic felt by the bourgeoisie around the time of the Great Chartism Meeting on Kennington Common, 10 April 1848. Items Two to Five are laid down on a piece of grey paper removed from a scrapbook. Item One: Printed warrant signed by two magistrates, appointing Cater a Special Constable, it appearing, 'upon the oath of a credible witness, that a tumult or riot may be reasonably apprehended'. On one side of a piece of laid paper roughly 320 x 210 mm. Watermarked 'W H FELLOWS 1847'.

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