[Spelling Bee competitions in Victorian Kennington and Guildford.] Eleven items, including an advertisement, a programme, tickets of entry and competitor's ticket, newspaper cuttings, compiled by T. W. Williams, manager of Kennington competitions.

Spelling Bee competitions in Victorian Kennington and Guildford [T. W. Williams, manager; The Impartial Spelling Bee Association, Williams & Rhodes, Kennington; F. Ridgway; J. Irving Dixon]
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Competitions in Kennington and Guildford, 1876. Manager of Kennington competitions: 'Mr. T. W. Williams, 149, Lower Kennington Lane, S.E.'

The eleven items are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, laid down on two heavily-worn leaves removed from an album. An interesting slice of social history, relating to introduction into England of a phenomenon which began in the Unites States in the 1850s. Nine of the items relate to spelling bees in Kennington, managed by the compiler of the material T. W. Williams, and one to a 'Grand Spelling Bee' in Guildford.

[Robert Huish, hack writer and authority on bees.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Robt Huish') to 'Mr Keene' of Furnivals Inn, regarding 'Mr Greening' and the Fleet Prison.

Robert Huish (1777-1850), hack writer and apiculturist (authority on bees)
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'K. B. [i.e. the King's Bench Prison, London] | 25 Jany 1808.'

1p., 8vo. Addressed on reverse to 'Mr Keene | Furnivals Inn'. In fair condition, aged and worn, with slight damage caused by black powder seal. The letter reads: 'Sir | On consulting with Mr Greening, I find it will be most adviseable <?> Mr Greening go to the Fleet - I wish therefore you could send over Mr Watson this Afternoon, when I will pay him the Money requisite for the Habeas <?>. | Sir | Your hble Servt | Robt Huish'.

[The Bee Kingdom Leaflets No. 19] Swarming and Its Control.

H. J. Wadey [Herbert James Wadey], Editor, 'Bee Craft', England, Vice-President, B.K.L.
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'REPRINTED | From the "BEE KINGDOM" | May, 1938'. Published at 60, Rue Menasce, Alexandria, Egypt.

12pp., 8vo. Stapled and unbound. Fair, printed on browned high-acidity paper, with some creasing and wear at foot. No copy of this offprint in the British Library or on COPAC.

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