[Henry Pelham, Prime Minister; Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland; Richard Arundell.] The signatures of the three men ('H: Pelham | H Fox | R Arundell'), as Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, order to pay Thomas Winnington, Paymaster-General, £500,000.

Henry Pelham (1694-1754), third Prime Minister of Great Britain (1743-1754); Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland (1705-1774); Richard Arundell (c.1696-1758) of Allerton Mauleverer, Yorks; Treasury, Whitehall
Publication details: 
18 April 1746.

1p, folio. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip from mount adhering to one edge. Folded twice. The three signatures are firmly and boldly written ('H: Pelham | H Fox | R Arundell') in the right-hand margin. The document read s: 'Order is taken this 18th. Day of April 1746 By Virtue of his Majestys General Letters of Privy Seal bearing date the 26th day of June 1727. And in pursuance of a Warrant under his Majesty's Royal Sign Manual dated the 10th. instant That you deliver and pay of such his Majestys Treasure as remains in your Charge unto Thomas Winnington Esqr.

[ Katharine Ada Esdaile, art historian. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Katharine A. Esdaile') to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, requesting access to James Barry's paintings in the Adelphi and explaining the nature of the work.

Katharine Ada Esdaile [ née McDowall ] (1881-1950), art historian, wife of Arundell Esdaile (1880-1956), Secretary of the British Museum [ Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Royal Society of Arts; James Barry ]
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On letterhead of Keynes, Austenway, Gerrard's Cross. 22 January 1913.

5pp., 12mo. On two bifoliums. With the Society's oval Adelphi date stamp. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight rust-staining from paperclip. She begins by asking if 'there would be any difficulty in my examining Barry's paintings at the Adelphi, & taking a few notes on them. | My old friend & my husband's colleague at the British Museum, Mr.

[ Henry Fox, 1st Lord Holland. ] Autograph Signature ('H Fox'), with those of George Lyttelton ('G Lyttelton') and Richard Arundell ('R Arundell').

Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland of Foxley [ Lord Holland ] (1705-1774); George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton [ Lord Lyttelton ] (1709-1773); Richard Arundell; John Lesingham
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Orford, 27 May 1746.

On 16 x 6.5 cm strip of paper, cut from financial document. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to 'Mr. Townshend' on one side, with signature of witness 'Jno. Lesingham', with the signatures of 'H Fox', 'R Arundell' and 'G Lyttelton' on the other, with date 27 May 1746, next to the word Orford, and below part of a sentence relating to 'Duty on Candles'.

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