[Christmas Card from the British Expeditionary Force, France, 1939.] Lithographed Christmas Card, with 'B.E.F.' and Spearhead Badge of 1 British Corps, and illustration by 'L. D. C.' of White Cliffs of Dover, France, military convoy, army camp.

[British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.), France, 1939; 1 British Corps; British Army]
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British Expeditionary Force [France]. Christmas 1939.

A nice piece of Second World War ephemera, of which no other copy has been traced. 1 British Corps formed part of the B.E.F., travelling to France in September 1939, and withdrawing from Dunkirk at the 'Darkest Hour' in May 1940. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Lithographed in black on the four sides of a 9.5 x 15 cm bifolium. Two parallel diagonal red lines printed at top left of front cover, which also carries the Spearhead badge of 1 British Corps at centre, above 'B.E.F.' in a scroll, with 'Christmas – 1939' at bottom left.

Two press photograph of racing driver Mike Hawthorn, one showing him cutting a ribbon, and the other posing indoors astride a motorcycle, as delighted spectators including five schoolboys, look on.

Mike Hawthorn [John Michael Hawthorn] (1929-1959), English racing driver with the Ferrari Team, friend of Peter Collins and rival of Luigi Musso [Le Mans 24 Hour Race]
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Both stamped on the reverse: '"CHESTER CHRONICLE" | COPYRIGHT | PHOTOGRAPH'. [1950s.]

Both photographs in black and white, and both 25.5 x 20.5 cm. One landscape and the other portrait. The two in good condition, showing light signs of age and wear. Both clearly taken at the same event, as in both Hawthorn wears the same suit. Both taken indoors. In the first (portrait) he is seen cutting a ribbon, while a group of smartly-dressed men and women look on approvingly behind him. Signs for 'Silver Exide' and 'Mobilgas Special' are mounted on a wall.

Nos. 85, 106 and 108 of 'The Naturalists' Leisure Hour and Monthly Bulletin.'

A. E. Foote, editor (natural history bookseller of Philadelphia [geological reports]
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October 1884, July 1887 and March 1888. 1223 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Each catalogue 8vo, 32 pp. Stapled and unbound. The text of all three items clear and complete. On aged and spotted paper. Each issue carries an editorial introduction, with that of October 1884 (no. 85) eight pages long, and boasting that it is 'the most complete catalogue of American Official Geological Reports ever published. The previous lists of Prime and Marsh have been consulted, but very many have been added during the period covered by Prime'.

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