[Sir Ian Hamilton, British commander in the Gallipoli Campaign.] Autograph Letter Signed to George Townsend Warner, following consultation with Lord Roberts over a musketry matter and Harrow School.

Sir Ian Hamilton [Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton] (1853-1947), soldier, commander of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force in the First World War Gallipoli Campaign [George Townsend Warner]
Publication details: 
2 March 1901; on letterhead of 3 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair. [London.]

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The recipient is the Harrow housemaster George Townsend Warner (1865-1916), father of the novelist Sylvia Townsend Warner, referred to as ‘Townsend Warner / Historian’ in a pencil note to this letter. Signed ‘Ian Hamilton’. 2pp, 12mo. On first leaf of bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with a few pin holes from attachment of a no-longer-present enclosure. Folded twice. Possibly concerning shooting practice for the Harrow army cadets.

[Christmas Card from the British Expeditionary Force, France, 1939.] Lithographed Christmas Card, with 'B.E.F.' and Spearhead Badge of 1 British Corps, and illustration by 'L. D. C.' of White Cliffs of Dover, France, military convoy, army camp.

[British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.), France, 1939; 1 British Corps; British Army]
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British Expeditionary Force [France]. Christmas 1939.

A nice piece of Second World War ephemera, of which no other copy has been traced. 1 British Corps formed part of the B.E.F., travelling to France in September 1939, and withdrawing from Dunkirk at the 'Darkest Hour' in May 1940. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Lithographed in black on the four sides of a 9.5 x 15 cm bifolium. Two parallel diagonal red lines printed at top left of front cover, which also carries the Spearhead badge of 1 British Corps at centre, above 'B.E.F.' in a scroll, with 'Christmas – 1939' at bottom left.

[ British Expeditionary Force, Flanders. ] Galley proofs of article for the First World War National Guard titled 'A Visit to Flanders | Notes from the Diary of Captain Leigh Wood, C.M.G.', relating to the Belgian Field Hospital in Hoogstade.

Lt Col. Sir James Leigh-Wood KBE, CB, CMG (1870-1949) [ British Expeditionary Force, Flanders; Belgian Field Hospital, Hoogstadt [ Hoogstade ]; National Guard in the Great War; Sir Richard Harington ]
Publication details: 
[ The National Guard, England. ] Describing events over 10 to 15 May [ 1916 ], and published around that time].

Three strips of paper, each with a single column of text in small print: 47 + 55 + 30 cm. Complete article, paginated to 3. The second strip has the running title 'National Guard - A Visit to Flanders - 2'. Aged and creased, and with a corner torn away from the third strip, resulting in loss of text to six lines and the running title, Two minor manuscript corrections.

[ Field Marshal Haig. ] Original duplicated typed 'Notification', warning the population of the occupied territories against 'hostile actions' against the British Army.

Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig [ General Haig ] (1861-1928), Commander of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front in the First World War [ British Army of the Rhine ]
Publication details: 
[ British Army of the Rhine. ] 'Given out December 1st, 1918 in my great headquarters | Sig. D. HAIG, Field Marshall | Commander in Chief of the British Armies.'

1p., folio. On wove paper with watermark of 'MONCKTON | BASTED MILL | KENT'. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Pinholes to top corners, the item presumably having been displayed on a noticeboard. One word has been added in a contemporary hand (details given below). An historic piece of Great War ephemera, of which no other copy has been traced, with no copies at the Imperial War Museum, on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.

[ African Expeditionary Force ][MS, in French, titled 'Avis de la Commission, chargée de l'étude préparatoire des questions relatives à l'armement des Navires à Vapeur, sur l'embarquement des troupes expeditionnaires à bord de ces Navires.'

V. Couchard, J. Houssard, Chopard Fourichon [members of an official Commission of the French Government producing a report on the foundation of a French naval expeditionary force]
Publication details: 
dated 'à la Cote d'Afrique. Paris; le 19 Mars 1849. Les Membres de la Commission, Signée: V. Couchard, J. Houssard, Chopard Fourichon.'

Folio, 30 pp. In brown leather half-binding, with marbled boards. One simple pen illustration, p. 18, showing arrangement of 'Muraille' and 'Pont'. Good, on lightly-aged paper, in worn binding. Neatly set out, in a secretarial hand, with a synopsis beside each paragraph in red ink in the widened left-hand margins. As a loosely-inserted printed slip explains in English, the manuscript sets out 'instructions by a French Official Commission for the preparation and arming of a fleet of steam ships to be equipped to carry marines to form an expeditionary force to the coast of Africa.

[ Cyril Leslie Collenette, entomologist. ] Typed Letter Signed ('C. L. Collenette') as joint secretary of the Scientific Expeditionary Research Association, to Prof. C. G. Seligman, discussing Council business, with pencil notes by Seligman.

C. L. Collenette [ Cyril Leslie Collenette ] (1888-1959), entomologist, secretary of the Scientific Expeditionary Research Association, London [ Charles Gabriel Seligman (1873-1940), anthropologist ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Scientific Expeditionary Research Association, 50 Pall Mall, London. 1 June 1923.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged paper with wear to extremities. A twenty-three line letter discussing Council business, with the last paragraph reading: 'I have to thank you on behalf of the Council for the notes which you so kindly sent in for use at the last meeting. Mr. Hornell will do a certain amount of ethnological work, but in view of your opinion and that of others on the Council as to the difficulties involved, it is not proposed to appoint anyone else for this branch.' On the reverse of the letter are pencil notes by Seligman, made while reviewing a book.

[ British Expeditionary Force, German East Africa. ] Autograph article titled 'The Little Nurses of Morogoro. A character study from "German East"'. With newspaper cutting about the author Captain Francis Robinson, and a print of a drawing by him.

Captain Francis Robinson, Chaplain, 4th South African Horse [ British Expeditionary Force, German East Africa ]
Publication details: 
The article (regarding Morogoro, German East Africa, in the First World War) and the drawing are both without place, the latter being dated to 1902. Newspaper cutting from 'The Pictorial', Durban, 9 February 1917.

12pp., 4to, including title-page: 'The Little Nurses of Morogoro | A character study from "German East" | by Capt. Francis Robinson | Chaplain. | South African Horse | with the British Expeditionary Force | German East Africa'. In good condition, on aged paper, with closed tear to last leaf. A reference dates the item to after the Battle of Salaita Hill on 12 February 1916. The following captures the tone of an enthusiastic tribute: 'Wherever you go in that unattractive collection of miscellaneous buildings, you come across a little nurse, prim & smart in her uniform & cap.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. H. Rose') from the English historian John Holland Rose, writing, while on active service in France with the British Expeditionary Force, to Alfred Tresidder Sheppard to commend his latest novel.

J. H. Rose [John Holland Rose] (1855-1942), English historian best-known for his biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, Reader in Modern History, Cambridge University [Alfred Tresidder Sheppard (1871-1947)]
Publication details: 
On Y.M.C.A. letterhead, 'On Active Service | With the British Expeditionary Force', 15 September 1917.

2pp., 4to. 53 lines. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with minor traces of previous mounting at head, and a light and unobtrusive water stain. The letter is headed by Rose 'Y.M.C.A. B.A.P.O.2 B.E.F. France'. Regarding Sheppard's recently-published 'Quest of Ledgar Dunstan', Rose writes: 'You have a wonderfully keen mental eye which sees everything with extraordinary sharpness, & you have a literary hand which etches with just & delicate touch. The book is also one of singular intensity of feeling which carries the reader along fascinated & thrilled.

Small archive of official documents, newspaper cuttings, photographs and manuscript material relating to his war experiences.

Gerard Guttman [ Algeria; Les Prestataires; Foreign Labour Company; British Expeditionary Force; Pioneer Corps; the Holocaust ]
Publication details: 

An extremely interesting and moving if frail survival: items of various sizes, many discoloured, creased, frayed and stained. The first item, 'THE HISTORY OF THE PRESTATAIRES IN ALGERIA. | Dedicated by one of them to the Major, recruiter of Pioneers for the 337 Alien Coy. in Hussein Dey.' (two typewritten A4 leaves, both backed with grey card), dated 'Kenadza, 28 February 1943', explains how 'Before June 1940 there were more than 3,000 of us who did our duty in the fight against the onslaught of the Axis.

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