[Thomas Hollis, radical political philosopher, benefactor of Harvard.] Autograph Presentation Inscription ('Ex dono Tho. Hollis') on loose leaf from John Owen's 'Communion with God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost'. With title and one other loose leaf

Thomas Hollis (1720-1774), English political philosopher, benefactor of Harvard and other American colleges
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Title-leaf of second edition, 1700. 'Printed for William Marshall, and Sold by him at the Bible in Newgate-Street'.

The three leaves are worn, aged and stained. Two of the leaves carry the four pages of 'The Epistle to the Reader', by the editor Daniel Burgess, and at the head of the first of these pages is the ownership inscription: 'Ex dono Tho. Hollis'. The third leaf is the title, and the title-page has two ownership signatures at the head, neither of them legible. Sotheby sold the united library of Hollis, Thomas Brand Hollis and John Disney in 1817.

[Liberty's of London: 1912 women's fashion catalogue.] Printed catalogue of 'Picturesque Dresses Designed By Liberty & Co' ('Costumes never out of fashion' and 'Novelties for the season'), with 59 full-page illustrations on perforated paper.

[Liberty's; Liberty & Co Ltd, London and Paris; women's fashion catalogue, 1912]
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Autumn 1912 ('SERIES XXXVIII.'). 'Copyright by Liberty & Co Ltd Regent Street, London & Boulevard des Capucines, Paris.'

A scarce item, and considering its perforation, fortunately found in its complete state. No copy on OCLC WorldCat, which does however have entries for copies of similar Liberty's 1910 ('SERIES XXXIII') and 1913 catalogues, the latter at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 64pp, 8vo. Stitched into oat-coloured cloth soft covers, with decorative border and title printed on front cover. In fair internal condition: on lightly aged and spotted paper. In worn and stained wraps. The five pages of text and fifty-nine full-page illustrations are printed in brown on cream paper.

[ John Glynn, Serjeant-at-Law and Member of Parliament. ] Autograph Legal Opinion, given to a 'Case' presented to him by London attorney Richard Way (a property dispute between Messrs Fisher and Carter).

John Glynn (c.1722-1779), Serjeant-at-Law and Member of Parliament, supporter of John Wilkes and American Independence; Richard Way, London attorney
Publication details: 
Opinion sought by 'R. Way | Cary Street [ London ]. Undated [eighteenth century, 1770 or later ].

The case concerns a disagreement between 'Mr. Carter' and 'Mr Fisher', the latter having – with his 'Ancestors' – 'enjoyed this Estate for 70 Years past without any Interruption whatsoever'. The main body of the text is in the hand of Way or an employee, with Glynn's autograph opinion on two questions extending to nine lines (four lines for 'Q[uery]. 1st', and five lines for 'Q[uery] 2d'). The first page is headed 'Case'. Following a lengthy description of a case history of '13th. March 33d. Henry 8th.' are the two questions ('Q. 1st', and 'Q 2d').

Printed pamphlet: 'Agriculture'.

Peter Kropotkin [ James Tochatti, Liberty Press, Chiswick ]
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London: Printed and Published by James Tochatti, "Liberty" Press, Chiswick, W. 1896.

18 + [2]pp., 8vo. Disbound. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Two pages of advertisements at rear: the first carrying a list of titles in the 'Liberty Bookshelf' series, the second listing 'Liberty Pamphlets'. Now uncommon.

[Offprint of article attacking 'the ubiquitous apostles of revolutionary and Socialistic doctrines'.] The Ethics of Politics. II. (Reprinted from "The Liberty Review.")

The Liberty Review; Watts & Co., London publishers [ United Kingdom General Election, 1892 ]
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London: Watts & Co., 17, Johnson's Court, Fleet St. Undated [ late nineteenth century ].

8pp., 12mo. Stitched pamphlet. Aged, and with central vertical fold. A call for 'political instructors who shall [...] impress the first principles of political morality on the minds of the newly-enfranchised masses'.

[ Printed pamphlet. ] "That blessed Word - Liberty." By Alex. M. Thompson

Alex. M. Thompson [ Alexander Mattock Thompson (1861-1948) ]
Publication details: 
[ London. ] Published by the Clarion Newspaper Co., Ltd. [ 1894 or 1895. ]

16pp., 12mo. Disbound without wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged. Drophead title only (full publication details presumably on missing front wrap).

Autograph Letter Signed ('S. Judd') from the American novelist Sylvester Judd, expressing a desire to write for Maria Weston Chapman's abolitionist gift book 'The Liberty Bell'.

Sylvester Judd (1813-1853), American novelist, best-known for his book 'Margaret' (1845) ['The Liberty Bell',abolitionist gift book edited by Maria Weston Chapman (1806-1885)]
Publication details: 
Riverside, Augusta; 28 August 1851.

1p., 4to. Good, on aged paper. The letter (possibly addressed to the book's publisher) reads 'My dear Sir, | It would give me great pleasure to write for the "Liberty Bell," but I dare not at this moment say I could prepare anything in the time you mention. | Yours truly | [signed] S. Judd.'

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