[Robert Lax inscribes a copy of his first book to the playwright Christopher Fry and his wife, 'merely to think of whom gladdens the heart & makes the countenance shine'.] The Circus of the Sun. [Signed by Lax and illustrator Emil Antonucci.]

Robert Lax (1915-2000), American poet, friend of Thomas Merton; Emil Antonucci (1929-2006), artist, illustrator and proprietor of the Journeyman Press, New York [Christopher Fry]
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New York: Journeyman Books, 1959.

[55]pp, 8vo. Number 448 of 500 copies, with colophon signed by 'Robert Lax' and illustrator 'Emil Antonucci'. In quarter binding of spine in plain black cloth and paper boards on which are printed circus photographs by Charles Harbutt. Nice inscription on front free endpaper: 'For Mr & Mrs Chistopher Fry, merely to think of whom gladdens the heart & makes the countenance shine, | Robert Lax'. Lacking the original plain glassine dustwrapper. In good condition, apart from a 6 cm horizontal cut or rub mark to the front board, which is not overly obtrusive.

[ Society for the Study of Social Ethics, Oxford. ] Six items, including 'The Idea of a Modern Ethical Society' by W. K. Firminger and W. Gibson, pamphlets on religion, over-population and immigration, and offprint of lecture on 'the poor'.

Society for the Study of Social Ethics, Oxford [ renamed the Social Science Club in 1897 ]; Walter K. Firminger [ Walter Kelly Firminger ] (1870-1940) of Merton College
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Society for the Study of Social Ethics, Oxford. 1891 and 1892.

The six items are all disbound and in fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Items One and Five are not productions of the Society, but are closely connected with it. The first five items are scarce: the only copies of One on COPAC at Oxford and the British Library; no copy on COPAC of Two; the only copies of Three and Four at Oxford; Five is a galley proof; and Six only to be found at Oxford, the British Library, the LSE and University College, London. ONE: 'The Idea of an Oxford Modern Ethical Society.

[George Charles Brodrick, Warden of Merton College, Oxford.] Autograph Card Signed ('George C Brodrick') to 'Mr. Leveson-Gower', regarding two 'anti English articles' in the North American Revew, one by Lloyd Stephens Bryce.

George Charles Brodrick (1831-1903), Warden of Merton College, Oxford [Lloyd Stephens Bryce (1851-1917), American journalist; the North American Review]
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On letterhead of Merton College, Oxford. 20 February 1900.

On both sides of the 11 x 9 cm card. Very good, with light signs of age. He feels he must thank him for 'two numbers of the North American Review, both containing interesting articles'. despite 'their anti English spirit'. He was glad to read 'Bryce's article' to which he feels 'some injustice has been done'.

Autograph Letter Signed from the Member of Parliament for Norfolk Thomas de Grey of Merton Hall near Thetford, regarding the supply of 'a pipe of Port and a Hogshead of Calcavalla [sic]', and 'a Hogshead of Sherry'.

Thomas de Grey (1717-1781) of Merton Hall near Thetford, Member of Parliament for Norfolk from 1764 to 1774 [fine wine]
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'Merton' [i.e. Merton Hall, near Thetford, Norfolk]. 15 December [no year].

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. Fair, on aged paper. De Grey begins: 'You have very much obliged me by accepting a small Present of Game, and many of my neighbours as well as myself will rejoyce in your Correspondent supplying me with a pipe of Port and a Hogshead of Calcavalla, [sic] if a Hogshead of Sherry could be procured without any additional trouble, it would add to the Obligation'.

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