[Sir Henry Taylor, poet, dramatist and civil servant.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Henry Taylor') to 'Mr Scott' [E. A. Scott] of Rugby School, regarding 'the predicament' of the lack of educational progress of his son [Henry Ashworth Taylor].

Sir Henry Taylor (1800-1886), poet, dramatist and civil servant [his son Henry Ashworth Taylor (1854-1907); E. A. Scott of Rugby School]
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1 January 1872. East Sheen, [London] S.W.

4pp, 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded four times. Encouraged by Scott's response to his wife's letter, Taylor is 'encouraged to ask for yr. advice in the predicament in which we stand at present. My boy has made hardly any progress in the last term & stands only four fm. the bottom of the upper Fifth.' He explains that on a former occasion he was in favour of 'a change of house & of companions', but that 'the boy was exceedingly averse & I was induced by assurances of doing better to let him go back to Mr Arnold's'.

, Indian Guaranteed Railways.] Two Autograph Accounts by Sheena Tennant of a tour with Maitland across India in a private railway car, encountering Bhupal Singh of Udaipur and Pratab Singh of Idar.

Sheena Tennant (1883-1974), niece of Margot Asquith [William James Maitland (1847-1919), Deputy Government Director, Indian Guaranteed Railways; Sir Pratab Singh of Idar; Sir Bhupal Singh of Udaipur]
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India [including Calcutta, Darjeeling, Benares, Lucknow, Cawnpore, Agra, Jaipur, Lahore, Peshawar, Delhi, Bombay]. Two volume account: 29 November 1912 to 27 January 1913. One volume account (in 1913 Asprey's Diary): 1 January to 1 March 1913.

Sheena Lilian Grant Tennant (hereafter ST) came from a privileged Scottish family, being the youngest of the six children (five daughters and a son) of wealthy industrialist James Tennant of Fairlieburne, Fairlie, Argyllshire, a nephew of Sir Charles Tennant of the Glen (father of Margot Asquith, wife of British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith, who was hence James Tennant's cousin). Beginning as a partner in the Glasgow chemical manufacturers Charles Tennant & Co., James Tennant became director of companies including United Alkali Co, North Eastern Electric Supply Co, and Eastern Paper Mills Co.

Collection of the firm's estimates, invoices and receipts, mainly addressed to Percy Young of Messrs. H. Young & Co. Ltd., Constructional Engineers, and concerning items for a 'House at Sheen' designed by the architect H. V. Milnes Emerson.

Doulton & Co. Limited, Manufacturers of Sanitary Equipment, Lambeth [Royal Doulton Potteries; bathroom fixtures and fittings; Percy Young; H. V. Milnes Emerson]
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A collection of twenty-two items, with one printed envelope, all in good condition, and relating to a complex order to one of the United Kingdom's best-known business concerns. Interesting for the light it casts on the best business practice in the British building industry of the 1930s. Includes typed two-page foolscap estimate, dated 1 November 1930, initialed and on the firm's letterhead, addressed to H. V.

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