Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'A. L. Baldry') to C. R. Grundy, editor of the Connoisseur, on the subject of the Royal Academy.

Alfred Lys Baldry (1858-1939), painter and art critic (Globe, Studio), author of a work on the Wallace Collection [Cecil Reginald Grundy (1870-1944), editor of the Connoisseur; the Royal Academy]
Publication details: 
5, 10 and 27 May 1921. All three on letterhead of Wolmer Road, Marlow Common, Marlow, Bucks.

All three letters 12mo: the first of three pages, and the last two one page apiece. Texts clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Letter One: Sir Henry Vansittart Neale will be pleased to allow Grundy 'a look at his pictures' at Bisham Abbey. Gives directions. Discusses Grundy's letter in the Daily Express, complaining about the 'crowding out' of pictures at the Royal Academy.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir H[enry]. Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir James Lewis Caw
Publication details: 
22 December 1916; on National Gallery [of Scotland], Edinburgh, letterhead.

Scottish art critic and engineer (1864-1950). One page, octavo. Very good. Bearing the Society's stamp. 'It is very good of the Council of the Royal Society of Arts to ask me to become a member, but, while thanking them, I regret that I do not see my [^ way,] at present, to join any more societies.' Signed 'James L. Caw'.

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