Printed price list, in French, for Thomas Frères, négociants à Valence, Départment de la Drome, with 'Vins Rouges' and 'Vin Blancs'.

[Thomas Frères, négociants à Valence, Départment de la Drome] [the French wine trade; fine wines]
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[Thomas Frères, négociants à Valence, Départment de la Drome.] Undated [1840s?]

Nicely printed within a border on one side of a piece of 19 x 12 cm laid paper. In good condition, lightly-aged. Headed: 'THOMAS FRÈRES, | NGTS. A VALENCE, DÉPT. DE LA DROME. | REPRÉSENTÉS VOYAGEUR.' 22 'VINS ROUGES' (from 'Hermitage' to 'Bordeaux') and 13 'VINS BLANCS' (from 'Hermitage' to 'Muscat de Beziers') are listed, followed by six items from 'Eau-de-vie vieille du Languedoc' to 'Truffes noires'. Prices are only given (in pencil) for three items.

43 black and white photographic prints relating to the production of plywood, including 20 mounted prints by Panajou Frères of Bordeaux, showing a woodyard, with men and women at work.

[Panajou Frères, photographers of Bordeaux; French woodyard; plywood]
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Twenty of the prints by Panajou Frères, Bordeaux. [1920s? Others from the 1940s?]

The first 40 prints in good condition, and the last three lightly-aged and fair. Each of the 20 Panajou Frères prints (19 landscape and 1 portrait) is mounted on a 24 x 30 cm piece of grey card, blindstamped with the circular monogramme of 'PANAJOU FRES | BORDEAUX'. Depicting an extensive concern, with the outside of a large plant by a country river, and every stage in the production of plywood from log to storage in the factory. A second group of 20 prints (15 landscape and 5 portrait) are unmounted, and measure 18 x 24cm.

One Autograph Letter Signed ('<Emile?> Protat) and one letter in a secretarial hand, both to Martin.

Imprimerie Protat Frères, Macon, France (Georges Protat & Neveu Srs.) [Commandant Emmanuel Martin]
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The secretarial letter: Macon, 28 February 1914. Protat's letter: Macon, 3 March 1914. Both on letterhead of the Imprimerie Protat Frères.

Both items 12mo, 1 p. Both in good condition. The secretarial letter (docketed in purple 'Repondre le 1r mars 1914'): The 'cliché Durocher', which appeared 'dans le No d'Avril 1913, page 62, et qui doit passer aussi dans le Dictionnaire [des ex-libris français] Wiggishof [...] a été designé par M. du Roure de Paulin'. Protat's letter: 'Le cliché Durocher était bien à l'imprimerie nous l'avons retrouvé. Il n'était pas à la place qu'indiquait le registre.' He apologises for having 'inutilement derangé' Martin

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