[ Proof of the suppressed version of Ian Hamilton's biography, with fullest quotations from Salinger's letters. ] J. D. Salinger: A Writing Life.

Ian Hamilton [ J. D. Salinger; William Heinemann Ltd, London publishers; Random House ]
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Suppressed proof. [ London: William Heinemann Ltd. 1986 ]

The present item is a product of one of the most celebrated publishing controversies of the twentieth century. In 1982 the English critic and poet Ian Hamilton set out to write a biography of the legendarily-reclusive Salinger. The attempt, as The Times explained in Hamilton's obituary, 31 December 2001, 'went horribly wrong': 'Salinger succeeded in blocking publication in the courts', because the book, to be titled 'J. D.

[Dr Edward Dalrymple Laborde of Harrow School.] Manuscripts of 'The South Sea Islands. A paper read before the Harrow Fifty Club' and 'The Pacific Islands. Rough drafts of a chapter [of one of his books]'. With four photographs of Fiji and documents.

Dr Edward Dalrymple Laborde (1890-1962), Head of the Geography department of Harrow School and author [Stinson Studios ('E. E. De Mole, Suva, Proprietor'); Fiji islands; Pacific Islands]
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[Harrow, Middlesex.] The paper dated 1928; the drafts of the chapter undated, but for a book published in 1932. Three of the four photographs with the stamp of Stinson Studios ('E. E. De Mole, Suva, Proprietor').

In his history of the school Christopher Tyerman points out that Laborde came to Harrow in 1919 after Colonial Service employment as a Head Master in Fiji.

Autograph Note Signed from the novelist John Galsworthy to Charles Seddon Evans of the London publishers Heinemann & Co. Ltd., enclosing a manuscript and stating its price.

John Galsworthy (1867-1933), English novelist and playwright, best-known for his 'Forsyte Saga' [Charles Seddon Evans (1883-1944) of the London publishers Heinemann & Co. Ltd.]
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On letterhead of Grove Lodge, The Grove, Hampstead, London, NW3. 20 April 1929.

In good condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. Galsworthy writes: 'Dear Evans | Here is the MS. Price £300 [amended from 315] less half your Commission £30. = £285. nett. | Sincerely yours | John Galsworthy'. For such a short message, the manuscript shows signs of indecision: the latter part, from the word 'less', has clearly an addition, and the word 'half' has been inserted with a caret. While the manuscript referred to may well be the second collection of Forsyte Novels, 'A Modern Romance', published by Heinemann's in 1929, Galsworthy's price does seem rather cheap.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Mundy'.

Theodore Byard, singer and director of the London publishers Heinemann Ltd
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Without date; on letterhead '13, CLARGES STREET, | PICCADILLY.'

Three pages, 12mo. Good, but on slightly discoloured paper, and with head of blank verso of second leaf of bifolium attached to piece of grey paper. He cannot sing for Mundy on the 8th, as he is giving his own concert the following day, and has 'only just started at it as the Prince of Wales who has kindly consented to come, only let me know the date yesterday. You know what giving a concert means. I musts have the 8th. absolutely free. I am so sorry to disappoint you.'

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