[Loeb Classical Library prospectus.] Machines or Mind? An Introduction to the Loeb Classical Library | By W. H. D. Rouse, Litt.D.

W. H. D. Rouse, Litt.D. [William Henry Denham Rouse (1864-1950), founding editor with T. E. Page of the Loeb Classical Library; William Heinemann, London publisher]
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London: William Heinemann, 21 Bedford Street. New York: The Macmillan Company, 64-66 Fifth Avenue. Advertising volumes 'ready in September' and 'ready in November' [1911].

16pp, 8vo. Stapled pamphlet. In fair condition, lightly aged, covers dusty and spotted, staples slightly rusted. P.2 carries an announcement of the joint publication by 'Mr. Heinemann' and the Macmillan Company of New York 'of a new series of Greek and Latin texts with English translations on the opposite page and brief biographical prefaces. The series takes its name from Mr. James Loeb, originator of the idea, […]'. The page gives details of the plan, and p.15 carries a 'List of the First Twenty Volumes, 'Ready in September' and 'Ready in November'.

[ West Indies: signatures of four British Governors: Sir Edward Brandis Denham of British Guiana; Sir Thomas Reginald St Johnston, Leeward Islands; Sir William Charles Fleming Robertson, Barbados; Sir Alfred Claud Hollis, Trinidad and Tobago.

Sir Edward Brandis Denham, Governor of British Guiana; Sir Thomas Reginald St Johnston, Leeward Islands; Sir William Charles Fleming Robertson, Barbados; Sir Alfred Claud Hollis, Trinidad and Tobago
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No place. Three of the signatures are dated from January 1932, the other two are undated.

The five signatories are: Sir Alfred Claud Hollis (1874-1962), Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, 1930-1936, and author of a historical account of Spanish Trinidad; his wife Enid Mabel Hollis (née Longman), Lady Hollis (1888-1939); Sir Edward Brandis Denham (1876-1938), Governor of British Guiana, 1930–1935, and Jamaica, 1935–1938; Sir Thomas Reginald St Johnston (1881-1950), Governor of the Leeward Islands, 1929-1936; Sir William Charles Fleming Robertson (1867-1937), Governor of Barbados, 1925-1932. On one side of a 13.5 x 16.5 cm leaf of cream paper torn from an autograph album.

Autograph Letter Signed ('D. S. Cairns') from the theologian David Smith Cairns to 'Mr. Vansittart' [the diplomat Robert Gilbert Vansittart, later Baron Vansittart of Denham], praising his poem 'The Singing Caravan' in the most fullsome terms.

David Smith Cairns (1862-1946), theologian [Robert Gilbert Vansittart (1881-1957), Baron Vansittart of Denham, diplomat and poet]
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On letterhead of 130 Desswood Place, Aberdeen. 12 May 1929.

7pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. On two bifoliums. He begins: 'Dear Mr. Vansittart | I have just finished a second reading of "The Singing Caravan". I got a copy for myself after a hunt, for it is o[ut]. [of] p[rint]. as you know'. He will 'return to it again & again.

Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Autographs and Drawings.

Alexander Denham and Co. [Charles Whittingham; Chiswick Press; autographs; booksellers' catalogues]
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London: For Sale by Alex'r Denham and Co., 23 Haymarket, S.W.; 1902. [Chiswick Press: Charles Whittingham and Co. Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, London.]

Quarto: 65 pp. Numerous plates. In original grey printed wraps. Internally good, with a little spotting and creasing to the ruckled edges; wraps worn and stained. A beautifully printed item, on thick laid paper. Among the printed matter are books of hours, breviaries, psalters, and letters (with facsimile plates) by Byron, Keats, Johnson and Sterne; and manuscripts of Fielding and Horace Walpole.

Autograph Signatures on fragment of document.

John Charles Denham, Sir Jeffry Wyatville
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Without date or place.

Denham was an artist (exhibited 1796-1858) and Wyatville (1766-1840) the architect best known for his transformation of Windsor Castle. Paper dimensions roughly four and a quarter inches by two and a half. Good. From a collection of material relating to the Artists' General Benevolent Fund. Reads '- J. C. Denham | 73 Pall Mall | J Wyatville', and on reverse, '<...> is, that I am now much <...> of my apartment, and of whic <...> help, from your <?> <...> most distressing kind - <...> every power, to obtain <...>, which, I am now down <...>'.

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