[George IV, King of Great Britain.] Warrant, signed 'George R.', and also signed by Chancellor of the Exchequer Nicholas Vansittart, Lord Lowther and Lord Granville Somerset, regarding 'Pensions to late Servants of Younger Princes'.

George IV (1762-1830), King of Great Britain and Ireland; William Lowther, 2nd Earl of Lonsdale (1787-1872); Nicholas Vansittart, 1st Baron Bexley (1766-1851); Lord Granville Somerset (1792-1848)
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'Given at our Court at Carlton House the 1st. day of May 1820 In the First year of our Reign'.

2pp, folio. On a single leaf. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to inner edge of first page. Folded twice. Good firm signature of the king ('George R.') at top left of first page, which has a thin mourning border. Left hand margin of first page with embossed £1 10s tax stamp. Written out ('By His Majesty's Command') in a secretarial hand, and addressed 'To The Husband for taking up all Goods consigned from Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands on Account of the Duties of Four Pounds and one Half Pounds per Centum'.

[ Mexican Revolution and British interests. ] Typed Letter Signed from Robert Vansittart, Foreign Office, to Sir Richard Harington, regarding 'Mexican Railways'. With two printed documents: one ('Confidential') on 'Anglo-Mexican Claims Convention'.

Robert Gilbert Vansittart, Baron Vansittart (1881-1957), diplomat [ Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington (1861-1931) 12th Baronet; the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920; railways of Mexico; Thomas Linton ]
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The three items from 1927. Vansittart's letter on letterhead of the Foreign Office [ Whitehall, London ]. The second ('Confidential') document a Foreign Office press statement. The third document from Finsbury Pavement House, London.

ONE: Typed Letter Signed from 'Roger Vansittart' to 'Sir Richard Harington, Bart., | Whitbourne Court, | Worcester.' Foreign Office; 13 April 1927. 1p., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition aged and worn. He is 'directed by Secretary Sir Austen Chamberlain to refer to your letter of the 5th instant regarding the possibility of a claim being preferred against the Mexican Government in respect of your holding in Mexican Railways'.

[ Nicholas Vansittart, Lord Bexley. ] Autograph Note in the third person, in French, to 'Mr: le Comte d'Autraignes'

Nicholas Vansittart, 1st Baron Bexley [ Lord Bexley ] (1766-1851), Tory politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1812-1823
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Treasury Chambers [ Whitehall, London ]. 23 October 1806.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with creasing to one corner. Reads 'Mr. Vansittart presente ses Complimens a Mr: le Comte d'Autraignes et le prie de passer demain à la Tresoir a une heure apres midi.'

Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Ruggles-Brise') from prison reformer Sir Evelyn John Ruggles-Brise, to Captain Robert Arnold Vansittart , arranging a meeting with him and Captain Conor, Governor of Parkhurst, regarding development of the farm at Borstal

Sir Evelyn John Ruggles-Brise (1857-1935), prison administrator and founder of Borstal system [Captain Robert Arnold Vansittart (1851-1938); Captain H. L. Conor, Governor of Parkhurst Gaol]
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On letterhead of the Prison Commission, Home Office, Whitehall, SW. 13 December 1907.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. In Prision Commission envelope, with two postmarks (one of them 'HOME OFFICE PRISONS | OFFICIAL'), addressed by Ruggles-Brise to 'Capt. Vansittart | 24 Cadogan Square | SW'. He writes to inform Vansittart that he has 'arranged for Capt Conor, Governor - Parkhust, to be at Borstal on Tuesday next 17th. inst. to confer with yourself & the Govr. as to the best way of developing the Farm.' He asks Vansittart to 'communicate with Major Elliott as to the time when it will be convenient to you to be there'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('N: Vansittart') from Chancellor of the Exchequer Nicholas Vansittart to Whig MP William Smith, discussing James Walker's 'Letters on the West Indies', and voicing approval for the spread of Walker's 'mild system' of slavery.

Nicholas Vansittart, 1st Baron Bexley (1766-1851), Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer [William Smith (1730-1819), Whig abolitionist; James Walker, Commissioner for Crown Estates in Berbice, Guyana]
Publication details: 
Downing Street [London]; 16 February 1818.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. An important letter, in which the serving Chancellor of the Exchequer puts his position concerning slavery (a subject of extreme importance to the British Treasury), siding with a prominent apologist for the practice, James Walker, one of the commissioners managing the Crown Estates at Berbice.

Autograph Letter Signed ('D. S. Cairns') from the theologian David Smith Cairns to 'Mr. Vansittart' [the diplomat Robert Gilbert Vansittart, later Baron Vansittart of Denham], praising his poem 'The Singing Caravan' in the most fullsome terms.

David Smith Cairns (1862-1946), theologian [Robert Gilbert Vansittart (1881-1957), Baron Vansittart of Denham, diplomat and poet]
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On letterhead of 130 Desswood Place, Aberdeen. 12 May 1929.

7pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. On two bifoliums. He begins: 'Dear Mr. Vansittart | I have just finished a second reading of "The Singing Caravan". I got a copy for myself after a hunt, for it is o[ut]. [of] p[rint]. as you know'. He will 'return to it again & again.

Four Typed Letters Signed and two Autograph Cards Signed from the Hampstead poet Frederick Grubb (one in full, four 'Fredk G' and one 'Comrade G') to the critic Derek Stanford, including a virulent attack, and with two other items signed by Grubb.

Fred Grubb [Frederick Grubb] (born 1930), English poet [Derek Stanford (1918-2008), English writer; 1960s Hampstead coterie]
Fred Grubb [Frederick Grubb] (born 1930), English poet
Publication details: 
1973 and 1974; most from 243 Haverstock Hill, Hampstead.
Fred Grubb [Frederick Grubb] (born 1930), English poet

All items clear and complete, on aged paper. Letters totaling: 4to, 1 p; landscape 8vo, 5 pp. The two cards carry long messages, written in red ink in Grubb's close, neat hand; one is standard size, the other 27 x 13.5 cm. Five envelopes are stapled to their letters. Grubb ('one of the last survivors of the famous 1960s Hampstead coterie of writers, actors and critics') writes entertainingly in an emphatic, energetic manner marvellously evocative of the 1970s London literary scene.

Autograph Letter in the third person to 'Mr. Amory'.

Nicholas Vansittart, 1st Baron Bexley
Publication details: 
Downing Street | January 22d. 1821.'

English Chancellor of the Exchequer (1766-1851). One page, 4to. Formal letter in the third person. Very good, with remains of brown-paper stub adhering to the verso of the blank second leaf of the bifoliate. 'Mr. Vansittart presents his Compliments to Mr.

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