[ Will Owen, illustrator of W. W. Jacobs. ] Two unpublished autograph volumes by Owen, the first and last of a three-volume work described by him as 'a more or less humorous account of a ramble round the Kentish Coast by two men'.

Will Owen (1859-1957), English book illustrator associated with W. W. Jacobs, cartoonist, caricaturist and commercial artist making posters for London Underground, creator of the 'Bisto Kids'
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'A Corner of Kent | by Will Owen | Flat 90. Charterhouse Square | E.C.1 [ London ]'. Undated [ late 1940s? ].

The two volumes constitute the first and last volumes (the middle volume is missing) of a three-volume work described by its author as 'a more or less humorous account of a ramble round the Kentish Coast by two men'. This unpublished work constitutes a topographical and social narrative, written by the well-known artist and illustrator when in his eighties. Stylistically indebted to Jerome K.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to A[aron] J[onah] Jacobs.

Philip James Stanhope, Baron Weardale [LEAGUE OF NATIONS]
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18 and 30 August 1916; both on crested letterhead "Weardale Manor, | Brasted Chart | Kent.'

British politician (1847-1923), member of House of Commons (1886-1892; 1893-1900), member of House of Lords after becoming Lord Weardale in 1905; president of two Interparliamentary Conferences (1890; 1906). These two items constitute a long and extremely interesting critique of Jacobs' 'Neutrality versus justice: an essay on international relations' (1917). LETTER ONE: nine pages, 12mo. Very good, on three bifoliate letterheads.

Typed Note Signed to A[aron]. J[onah]. Jacobs.

Sir Isidore Salmon [J. LYONS & CO.]
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5 October 1931; on letterhead '51, MOUNT STREET, W.1.'

Chairman and Managing Director of Lyons & Co. Ltd (1876-1941). One page, quarto. Very good. Docketed in pencil. Reads: 'Many thanks for sending me a copy of your book, World Peace and Armaments. I shall look forward with great interest to reading it.' Signed 'Isidore Salmon'.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to [Aaron Jonah] Jacobs.

Sir Meyer Spielman
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Letter one: 23 December 1932 and 7 July 1935; both on embossed letterhead '29, CAMBRIDGE SQUARE, | W.2.'

British school inspector (1856-1936) and member of bodies dealing with child welfare and the after-care of children. Both one page, octavo, and both folded twice. LETTER ONE: creased and discoloured, with closed tear along one fold (not affecting text). He has 'carefully read with much interest' Jacobs' 'World peace and armaments', '& I congratulate your [sic] heartily upon the presentation of your views. | Before attempting to further your case, I should like to have a talk with you.' Suggests meeting at the Constitutional Club.

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