[ Robert Scott, Master of Balliol, co-compiler of the 'Liddell and Scott' Greek-English lexicon. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Robert Scott | Master of Balliol') to Major R. G. MacGregor, on the gift of his 'Translations from the Greek Anthology'.

Robert Scott (1811-1887), Master of Balliol College, Oxford, and co-compiler of the 'Liddell and Scott' Greek-English lexicon [ Major Robert Guthrie Macgregor (1805-1869) ]
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On letterhead of Balliol College, Oxford. 24 October 1864.

1p.,12mo. In good condition. Scott writes that he has 'just received, through Messrs. Parker, the volume of your Translations from the Greek Anthology which you have kindly requested me to place in the Library of Balliol College'. He thanks him on behalf of the College, and assures him that the book will be so placed, 'according to your desire'. MacGregor's tranlsation was published in London without a date by Nissen and Parker. Scott's co-compiler Henry Liddell was the father of 'Alice in Wonderland'.

[ Student Debt in Lewis Carroll's Oxford. ] 68 items relating to the debts of Vincent Hilton Biscoe, undergraduate of Christ Church, including letters from Henry Liddell and Richard James Spiers, and a mass of tradesmen's bills, letters and receipts.

[ Vincent Hilton Biscoe of Christ Church, Oxford; Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington, 11th Baronet; Henry Liddell, Dean of Christ Church; Richard James Spiers, Mayor of Oxford 1853/4
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Christ Church and other locations in Oxford. Between 1857 and 1863.

A marvellously evocative collection, giving a clear picture of the consequences of a profligate youth in the Oxford of Lewis Carroll (Biscoe would have been well-acquainted with Dodgson as a Fellow of Christ Church at his time there). Not only does the collection provide a large number of itemised tradesmen's bills, receipts and correspondence, for everything from confectionery, cigars, wine, boating, billiards and tennis, to hats, coats, shoes and the doing-up of Biscoe's rooms, but it also shows the efforts of his father, Rev.

[ Henry George Liddell, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, and father of 'Alice in Wonderland'. ] MS. Signed, Autograph Signature ('Henry G Liddell, | Dean of Christ Church, Oxon') on manuscript 'Vinerian Scholarship' certificate of Richard Harington.

Henry George Liddell (1811-1898), Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, father of the original of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland', Alice Pleasance Liddell [ Sir John Edward Harington, 10th Baronet ]
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Christ Church [ Oxford ], 31 October 1859.

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Liddell's elegant signature, together with text in another hand. Reads: 'Vinerian Scholarship | This is to certify that Mr Richard Harington Bachelor of Arts Student of Christ Church in the University of Oxford has resided there and kept forty two days. | Henry G Liddell, | Dean of Christ Church, Oxon | Christ Church | October 31st. 1859.' From the Harington family papers.

Papers of Sergeant J. L. R. Royall, Royal Artillery Search Light Training Instructor (Anti Aircraft), 1939-1942

[Sergeant J.L.R. Royall; Anti-Aircraft; Search Light]
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These papers provide a unique insight into the top-secret workings of a vital branch of defensive warfare at its apogee - the Battle of Britain - during a period while it was integrating into its systems the new radar technology which would ultimately render it redundant, and at a time which saw it was at the forefront of the beginning of the integration of women into the armed services.

Binder containing forty mimeographed typed documents from the Control Commission School (Air), Regent's Park, London, a top secret wartime organisation to prepare Allied officers for the occupation of Germany. With an autograph paper by a student.

Air Vice-Marshall D. M. T. MacDonald (1909-1988), Officer Commanding, Control Commission School (Air), Regent's Park [F/o A. H. Reeve]
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[Control Commission School (Air), Viceroy Court, Prince Albert Road, Regent's Park, London.] February and March 1945.

A significant collection of documents relating to the secret effort, at the end of the Second World War, to prepare officers of the British and allied armed forces for the coming occupation of Germany. Excessively scarce: the only other holdings appear to be in the British National Archives, and the Maurice M. Goodner papers (OAC), the latter relating to a later Parisian branch of the school.

[B. H. Liddell Hart as 'defeatist'.] Two Typescripts of his 'Memorandum' titled 'The Prospect in this War', including 'P.S. to Memorandum of November 7th. 1939. From the papers of John Gordon, editor of the Daily Express.

B. H. Liddell Hart [Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart] (1895–1970), military thinker and historian [John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of the London 'Daily Express']
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Both typescripts have 'The Prospect in this War' dated 'B. H. L. H. 8th. [in one draft amended from '7th.'] November, 1939.', and the 'P.S. to Memorandum of November 7th. [sic] 1939' dated '14th November 1939.'

This piece does not appear to have been published, and the only copy traced is in the Liddell Hart Papers at King's College London, with the original manuscript and an accompanying list of eighteen recipients including Lloyd George, H. G. Wells, and John Gordon of the Sunday Express, from whose papers the present two copies derive.

Autograph Letter Signed ('H G Liddell') from Henry George Liddell, grandfather of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, to 'Dear Dundas', concerning the Abbotsford Subscription. With print of the 'Ape' cartoon of Liddell from 'Vanity Fair'.

Rev. Henry George Liddell (1787-1872), father of the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, and grandfather of Alice Pleasance Liddell, on whom Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland was based [Sir Walter Scott]
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Letter: Ravensworth Castle; 2 February 1833. Print: Without date or place.

Letter: 4 pp, 12mo. Bifolium. 36 lines. Text clear and complete. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. He addresses him 'as Provisional Secretary to the Abbotsford Subscription Committee', to inform him that he has instructed his bankers in Newcastle to transmit forty pounds from his account to bankers in the Strand, 'to be added to the Abbotsford Fund - being the Amount collected in small sums between 1.£ & 1.s. by Mrs. Liddell in the town of Alnwick & vicinity'. She will forward a book of subscribers' names to the Committee.

Autograph Letter Signed to Helen Frances Church [née Bennett].

Robert Scott (1811-1887), Dean of Rochester, lexicographer [Liddell & Scott's Greek-English Lexicon; Richard William Church (1815-1890), Dean of St Paul's]
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23 July 1875. Deanery of Rochester.

12mo, 2 pp. Fourteen lines of text. He has put her 'memorandum' with 'the others of a like kind', and does not doubt that he will 'be able to vote for your Orphan Boy -'. The Scotts are 'on the point of escaping to Folkestone', and hopes that Mrs Church is 'going to some place which [will] do you all much good'. Sends kind regards to Mrs Church '& the Dean'.

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